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PJ OPS 41: Instrumery, Foreignery, and Straight-Up Villainery WINNER ANNOUNCED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Boy, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Welcome to

    Let's have a quick run through the rules.

    What can't I submit?
    - songs released after 31st December 1999
    - songs that went top 20 either on UK or US charts
    - songs by artists frequently discussed on PJ
    - songs from this list

    What about the theme?
    The are two options for you, dear contestants:
    - submit a non-English song (based on the lyrics, not the nationality of the artist)
    - submit a composition without lyrics
    Choose your preferable option, then send the song or instrumental to me in a PM. Our veto panel for this round are the wonderful, talented, hardworking @londonrain, @soratami, and @KamikazeHeart.

    But there is one more twist!

    So I asked myself: what would my ideal contribution be to this round?

    A celebration of feminity? Why not? I am female. I am also non-English. How to make this round even more about me?

    Evil women

    who were perhaps misunderstood

    or ahead of their time....

    or just fictional vehicles for society's misogyny!

    That is our side theme: Villainesses

    Please choose one of the following seven gifs. PM your choice to me. Based on your preference, you will be randomly assigned a character on the reveal night. Some of the group names are straightforward, others loosely related to the theme. That is likely to end up as an exercise in disappointment and half-bakedness, but hey, the messier, the better!









    Submission - 18/9/18 - 6/10/18
    Voting - 7/10/18 - 30/10/18
    Hosting - 31/10/18

    I'm sure you can see that submission and voting periods are a little longer this time. It is so for two reasons:
    1) I have a rate to complete in the meantime,
    2) I reaally want that Halloween slot.
    Hope that won't make things too messy for everyone xx​
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  2. Youssou N'Dour - Undecided (Deep Radio Mix) (not on Spotify)
    Lena Philipsson - Dansa i neon
    Los Straitjackets - Tempest
    Drömhus - Vill ha dig
    Véronique Jannot - Aviateur (not on Spotify)
    Ryo Kawasaki - Hawaiian Caravan
    Rose Laurens - Quand Tu Pars
    Edyta Geppert - Jaka róża taki cierń (not on Spotify)
    S.E.S - Little Bird (not on Spotify)
    Akina Nakamori - Nanpasen (not on Spotify)
    Rita Deneve - De allereerste keer
    Edwige - Ophelia (not on Spotify)
    Chisato Moritaka - 17 Sai (not on Spotify)
    Loretta Goggi - Maledetta Primavera
    Dominó - Baila Baila Comigo (not on Spotify)
    Vicky Leandros - Ich liebe das Leben
    Doris Dragovic - To
    Laïs - 't Smidje
    Space - Just Blue
    Mekado - Wir Geben 'Ne Party (not on Spotify)
    Jeanne Mas - Toute Première Fois
    Echt - Du trägst keine Liebe in dir
    Rosenstolz - Nur Einmal Noch
    Taeko Ohnuki - 4:00 AM (not on Spotify)
    Suneeta Rao - Kesariya
    Sylvie Vartan - La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser
    Autour de Lucie - Chanson Sans Issue
    Miriam Makeba - Malaika
    Bandolero - Paris Latino
    Magma - The Last Seven Minutes
    CajsaStina Åkerström – Fråga Stjärnorna
    Mélanie Cohl - Dis oui (not on Spotify)
    Catatonia - Dimbran
    Aphex Twin - 4
    Sandy Lam - 哈囉感覺
    Les Rita Mitsouko - Andy
    Nik Kershaw - One of Our Fruit Machines is Missing (not on Spotify)

    Sorry in advance, if I put the wrong version on the playlist or failed to include something that is available in other countries, but not mine. If you want to change sth, just drop me a PM. And remember to enable the unavailable tracks to see what's greyed out!
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  3. 1. Lena Philipsson - Dansa i neon // @Riiiiiiiii 157
    2. Véronique Jannot - Aviateur // @soratami 152
    3. Jeanne Mas - Toute Première Fois // @Bleu Noir 116
    4. Drömhus - Vill ha dig // @One Stop Candy Shop 92
    5. Akina Nakamori - Nanpasen // @KamikazeHeart 83
    6. Autour de Lucie - Chanson Sans Issue // @invertedbutterfly 82
    7. Loretta Goggi - Maledetta Primavera // @Filippa 81
    8. Space - Just Blue // @Untouchable Ace 78
    9. Rosenstolz - Nur Einmal Noch // @nnnumb 71
    10. Bandolero - Paris Latino // @Jeffo 67
    11. Mekado - Wir Geben 'Ne Party // @Conan 66
    12. Doris Dragovic - To // @Alenko 64
    13. Echt - Du trägst keine Liebe in dir // @DominoDancing 62
    14. Chisato Moritaka - 17 Sai 61
    15. Taeko Ohnuki - 4:00 AM // @Lego 58
    16. CajsaStina Åkerström – Fråga Stjärnorna // @popknark2 54
    17. Rose Laurens - Quand Tu Pars // @CorgiCorgiCorgi 52
    18. Los Straitjackets - Tempest // @Hudweiser 51
    19. Youssou N'Dour - Undecided (Deep Radio Mix) // @ohnoitisnathan 50
    =Catatonia - Dimbran // @ModeRed 50
    =Edyta Geppert - Jaka róża taki cierń // @əʊæ 50
    =Rita Deneve - De allereerste keer // @WowWowWowWow 50
    23. Sandy Lam - 哈囉感覺 // @rawkey 46
    24. Laïs - 't Smidje // @Remorque 45
    25. Mélanie Cohl - Dis oui // @Zar-Unity 41
    26. Sylvie Vartan - La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser // @berserkboi 39
    27. Les Rita Mitsouko - Andy // @Russron 38
    28. Edwige - Ophelia // @Zarjazz 37
    29. Dominó - Baila Baila Comigo // @saviodxl 34
    30. S.E.S - Little Bird // @Empty Shoebox 33
    31. Aphex Twin - 4 // @CasuallyCrazed 32
    32. Miriam Makeba - Malaika // @Sprockrooster 31
    33. Magma - The Last Seven Minutes // @Laurence Nope 30
    34. Nik Kershaw - One of Our Fruit Machines is Missing // @unnameable 27
    35. Ryo Kawasaki - Hawaiian Caravan // @HarryEzra 23
    36. Vicky Leandros - Ich liebe das Leben // @WoW73 22
    37. Suneeta Rao - Kesariya // @londonrain 18
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  4. I’m tempted to choose a song that actually fits the side theme as well as the main theme. Hmm.
  5. I am so ready. The combination of both themes works perfectly.
  6. Waiting for @berserkboi to decide to submit male vocals.
  7. Let me submit this

  8. Question time! Is this one like the last foreign language round in that we'll be allowed a bit of English in a predominantly non-English song? I'm thinking of those J/K-pop entries with a few English words and phrases thrown in here and there.
  9. Oops, didn't know that was the case last time! Let me answer this question from the translation studies point of view: if those words/phrases function as borrowings in the target culture (in this case Japanese/Korean), then yes. They would have to be shorter than a sentence and not requiring the usage of an english-japanese/korean dictionary in order to be understandable for its target audience. I don't know if that helps. I'd lean towards excluding any English altogether. I have already pre-vetoed a hypothetical bilingual song. But if most people feel like it's too restrictive, I'd be up for relaxing the rules. Should I set up a poll or something?
  10. SO, any non-English Eurovision song before 1-1-2000 that didn't chart in the UK/US top 20 can enter? *Drools*
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  11. Wait, was that a rule before? I went back for reference but I couldn't find anything. I feel like I'm already fucking things up ddd.
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  12. I don't know, this is only my second time here! Well, the song I selected was a national final song, to no Eurovision rule breached hehehe
  13. Not any song, there's still a veto panel and there are a few non-English acts that are still too big for PJOPS.
  14. Just submitted my entry.... in German this time (my first pick had already been taken!)
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  15. Mine has some English in it, but I think it'll be okay.
  16. Mireille Mathieu both fascinates and horrifies me. How can anyone have the same Lego hairdo for fifty years?!

    No idea what to enter. I've got a lot of possible contenders...
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  17. I don't understand the theme???
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