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PJ Oscars Fantasy Draft 2020

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Beginner, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Alright cutting it off here. Groups and google sheets coming soon.
  2. Here are our two randomly ordered groups, listed in the order that we'll be drafting in:

    Group A
    1. AdzBrown
    2. silkandskin
    3. Jwentz
    4. livefrommelbs
    5. Lucy Honeychurch
    6. AlmightyAloud
    7. Aidan
    8. VicePresidentJocasta
    9. Saycsar Fleurima
    - Google Sheets link with this group's picks -

    Group B
    1. Laura Vanderbooben
    2. Beginner
    3. strangekin
    4. Baby Clyde
    5. lushluck
    6. Serg.
    7. CaliDevotion
    8. scottdisick94
    9. aboutyounow
    - Google Sheets link with this group's picks -

    Remember it's a snake draft, so for example Group A will start with AdzBrown and go down to Saycsar Fleurima, who will then pick twice in a row, and then VicePresidentJocasta will pick, and so on back to AdzBrown. There are arrows on the sheet to guide you.

    When it's your turn, you just have to do the following:

    1. Look over the available nominations and select one. Copy/paste it into your column and be sure to note which category it was nominated in.

    2. Add an "x" in the column next to it to indicate that you've picked it so nobody else will.


    3. Tag the person after you and tell them it's their turn!
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  4. Damn you two stealing the supporting locks

    @Baby Clyde your turn
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  5. Let's hop to it Group A.
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  6. Not the 4 Actors being snatched already. Good luck @AlmightyAloud
  7. Sorry. Totally missed this.

    All done.
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  11. @scottdisick94 you're up!

    Me wanting to vote Parasite for everything, but having to be realistic

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