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PJ Oscars Fantasy Draft 2022

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Beginner, Mar 10, 2022.

  1. What is this?

    Standard Oscar pick 'ems are so boring. If you're into the Oscar race, you know which films and people are the favorites to win each category. Everybody's picks look the same, and where's the excitement in that? Instead, why not let everyone take turns claiming a nominee to win their category?

    How it works

    Once we have a good number of players, we will split into teams of 5-8 and set a randomized draft order. This will be a snake draft, meaning that the order reverses every other round. The last person to pick in the first round will be the first to pick in the second round. It looks like this:

    4321 ...

    When it's your turn to pick, you draft a nominee onto your team. This is specific to one category. For example, Lady Gaga to win Best Actress, or Incredibles 2 to win Best Animated Feature Film. If you pick Lady Gaga to win Best Actress, you will not get points if Shallow wins Best Original Song unless you draft that in a separate round.

    Once you've selected that nominee, nobody else can pick it. We'll keep going until every nominee is drafted or we all agree that nothing left is worth picking.


    Each correct pick gets you points. Some categories are worth more than others:

    30 points
    Best Picture

    20 points
    Best Actor
    Best Actress
    Best Supporting Actor
    Best Supporting Actress
    Best Director
    Best Original Screenplay
    Best Adapted Screenplay

    10 points
    Everything else

    This introduces another element of strategy. Is it better to take a risk on Best Picture or take 10 points that you feel pretty sure about? It'll be up to you.

    Post below if you want to play!
  2. I'd love to play again!
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  3. I’m in!
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  4. I’m in!
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  5. Definitely in! Thanks for setting this up again.
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  6. I’m in!
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  7. Yes god
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  8. I’m Laura Vanderbooben, star of Breast Side Story, and I’m in
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  9. Go on then
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  10. Yes please
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  11. I'm in. Obvs
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  12. I'm in!
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I’m in
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  14. I'd love to play too.
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  15. Last call!
  16. Has this started?
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  18. I… did not have time to set this up this year. Sorry for not following thru everyone :/
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