PJ Retro 100 - It's an anniversary! We have a winner!

I've sent out reminders by PM to those I'm missing votes from. Official deadline is midnight CET tonight, but there's also the European elections this weekend so if anybody needs a little more time I'm keeping my inbox open until midday/noon tomorrow. Don't want to interrupt democracy!!

I had hoped my tribute to the music of PJ Retro 1-100 would've been finished by the time round 100 was nearing its conclusion, but alas, my actual job has been hectic and intense the past few months. But I WILL finish it over the next few weeks (months?). I have by now listed rounds 1-70 - quite a few classics to enjoy!

Most of the time went into compiling the Spotify lists for the early rounds, and updating the later Spotify lists. It's most pleasing that quite a few missing tracks have become available over the years.

As for the photographs: all the 7" singles pictured are from my personal collection. Before the pandemic, I often attended record fairs over the country, and I started collecting 7" singles again about 10 years ago - mostly to complete several artists' discographies and old Eurovision entries. During the pandemic, I started ordering from Discogs a lot more. If I did not already own the 7" of my own Retro entry - or the songs I gave high points to - I made it a challenge to purchase it in good condition, and as cheap as possible. Over the years, I have collected quite a few Retro entries, and added to the 7" singles I already owned, I now have over 250 PJOPS/Retro entries on 7" in my collection. How many of your previous entries can you spot?