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PJ RETRO 47. Two Words. Winner Revealed.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by rawkey, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. It seems to be a problem specific to the desktop app:

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  2. They've fixed it, you can copy paste as before.
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  3. I know quite a lot of these entries. My 12? in the bag!
  4. Same here. Most likely.
  5. Thanks but I am still not managing it, keeps telling me cannot embed the link as media. Everything I try else just turns into links. Oh well

    EDIT: Figured it out eventually!
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  6. One of my artists is repeated!! We stan #TeamAustralia!!

    Did someone get inspired by the Dalida Rate winner in picking a song here? Possibly!!
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  7. I recognize some of the acts that I know and/or like, such as Minnie Riperton, Vaya Con Dios and a few more.
    Not only that, but for the first time in any song contest round that I was a part if so far, I actually know a song that's entered (which isn't that surprising, giving the background).
    Sorry @berserkboi for not entering a French, or any other foreign language song this time.

    Excited to hear all these entries!
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  8. Like PJRetro? Try PJ00s. Entries welcome!
  9. 'Summer Rain' passed Veto?!

    edit - OK, I thought it was the Belinda Carlisle version.
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  10. Not counting my own entry, I know 7 of these already.
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  11. List of participants?
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  12. I'm guessing which entries the #teamaustralia participants have entered.
  13. PM-friendly playlist?

    I'm lazy.
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  14. Just added. Page one.
  15. Oh, Australian HMV that'ssadhuh.gif
    That nostalgic video also includes a shopping centre that is clearly after hours.

    Not mine again.
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  16. [​IMG]

  17. Kudos to everyone who entered songs by acts with two word names too!
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