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PJ RETRO 49 | Winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Deleted member 16293, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. Retro Toys Spotlight #7 The Regional Edition
    Old Maid

    Selected by @EscapismIsAnotherPrison


    Selected by @berserkboi

    So I'm guessing these 2 games are local favourites rather than world famous? I haven't heard of either games though there's an old card game called 'Zwarte Pieten' (Dutch for 'Black Pete') here in Belgium that may or not be similar to Old Maid. It was played with a regular cards deck, so I'm not sure.
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  2. Yes, Zwarte Pieten is the same game! This is the version I played with my grandma as a kid:

    Basically, each animal was a pair (male-female) except for the black cat. If you ended up with that card, you lost!
  3. I should have my ballot in this evening!
  4. I played Schwarzer Peter, too, as kid! Loved it! The black cat is called Schwarzer Peter. There is a German idiom "Sich den schwarzen Peter zuschieben" or "den schwarzen Peter haben" which means:
    to foist an unpleasant duty on someone, make someone take the blame.
  5. I'm cutting this one fine again - my internet crapped out monday and tuesday - i'm nearly back on track, but if it craps out on Friday I may be in trouble again *sob*
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  6. I try not to be swayed by the video but one of these had me screaming and it will probably affect their placement. At least it's a good song too!
  7. Do you know me well enough to guess who I'm referring to?

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  8. Got my scores submitted tonight & finally got caught up on this awesome thread! Lots of 'Likes' were doled out!

    I really liked this round. It was weird, in a good way, & really narrowing down my list 12 or 13 finalists was easier than normal... but I really liked those 12 or 13 a lot, which made placing them more difficult. In some contests, I wind up with a lot of songs I like, but there are clearly 2 or 3 that are my absolute faves.
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  9. As someone who normally doesn't check out the videos, unless it's a song I really like and have never seen the video before, I am curious to know which entry this is...
  10. Just discovered a fantastic song that I could've sent in this round, as it fits the theme.
    Also, it's by the artist I've already known and loved, so this was such a pleasant surprise! Must add it to my potential submissions.
  11. Retro Toys Spotlight #8 The "It takes some skill" Edition

    Waterfuls / Maze toys

    Selected by @Maki

    Bop It!

    Selected by @2014

    I know those 'Waterful' and 'Maze' games and I definitely had some of those (or similar things) when I was little. I don't remember spending lots of time on those though.


    We had a Bop It (Extreme) and though we played it a lot I always kind of hated it. Just thinking about the noises of that game makes me anxious.
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  12. I've played the 'Old Maid' game a lot, too (I still have it somewhere) and, because it's completely based on luck, it was a great 'relaxing' (well...that depends) game.
  13. The Maze toys/waterfall toys and Spyro are all amazing.
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  14. Not long to go now until the big reveals! Can't wait to see who sent what.
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  16. Bop It was great.

    The Sausage take on the same principle was... a tad dodgy

    It's pretty much like if Grindr had a voice.
  17. Voted with an hour or two to spare! I know...I'm slipping.
  18. Has everyone voted now? :)

    Who Sent What coming? :)

    (So strange not doing this with @londonrain this time)
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