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PJ Retro 65: "Unique Song Title" Edition [RESULTS!!]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Derek, May 5, 2021.

  1. Mine neither. I should've known. I'm thinking I'm going to go "yeah, nobody has this" only to find Spotify says there's at least 23 other songs with the name. Might have to go the long title route.
  2. I'm going to have to retract mine, too. I should have done the Spotify check.

  3. Had the opposite problem when mine didn’t even show up on Spotify ddd Hopefully its just a region block thing!
  4. [​IMG]

    Though I actually have at least three songs in my potential entries list that are guaranteed to fit the theme, so I can't complain too much nn
  5. I've done the Spotify check and used the website @ohnoitisnathan linked and my song was the only song, so I'm feeling pretty gooood about things!
  6. I have a feeling this song title has already been used.
  7. An expletive. That's my old person F-Bomb.
  8. The way this made me think of that PJ00s entry

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  9. [​IMG]
    I just thought that you were a fan of Last Man On Earth.
  10. Apparently Kate released one.

    Is this a real word @Hudweiser?

    (I've never seen the video before today.)

    All of these songs have been entered and have done well.
    Do you have a song?
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  11. Resubmitted!
    I guess this means I get to save my original entry for another round.

    I was also going to go for Lamb, but rather gagged to see that they're winners.
    Does this mean they're no longer eligible, or are they just not allowed for a certain number of rounds? A la PJXtra/00's.
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  12. Think it’s just for a certain number of rounds?
  13. The latter.

    Sunscreem won an early round of PJOPS, and I entered a song by them much later (that came 40th, from memory, ddd).
  14. Third entry is, hopefully, the charm.
  15. Not unique enough, or vetoed for other reasons?
  16. Not unique enough - both times, Spotify and YouTube have let me down while searching for other songs with the same title.
  17. I’m struggling with this unique names thing too. Of course I could just submit any old rubbish but can’t bring myself to!
  18. Long song titles and song titles with brackets are your friend.
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