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PJ Retro 65: "Unique Song Title" Edition [RESULTS!!]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Derek, May 5, 2021.

  1. Did @DominoDancing pick this username all those years ago ready for this theme? MaybeSo.gif

    (Unless there are more songs called that I don’t know about ddd)
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  2. If only I was that clairvoyant!

    And just imagine if Pet Shop Boys were eligible for these contests! I'd be rolling in crowns!
  3. I was vetoed once but think I’ve landed on something that’s...truly unique! Ready to land in the bottom three for the third time in a row, and maybe last place for the second time. For now my lane seems to be to share music I love and damn the consequences lol.
  4. I'm trying to decide whether to go with punk, metal, country or singer/songwriter for those truly distinctive titles that no-one is likely to copy.
  5. I'm grateful for your first entry though, because the song I found with the same title that rendered yours ineligible was a solid discovery for me! That was a surprise benefit of this theme.
  6. I love backhanded compliments! <3

    Do me next!!
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  7. Yeah, I wondered for a second whether that would sound like I was insulting the song that was the actual entry. So I should add that that one is good too! (though I had already heard of that artist, so I guess it counts as less of a "discovery")
  8. What unique song title does your new avatar represent?
  9. Lol I took no offense! This was my second attempt at entering that ditty and I’m confident the third time will be the charm when the timing is right!
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  10. I have submitted something worthy of p1 but actually only going to place 27th. assuming it clears veto.
  11. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Race you to the bottom!
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  12. Unique song titles... to mirror the Yew-Kniique names children are given these days? Ddd.
  13. Submissions closed! Now awaiting veto decisions and also backup entries from two people. I'm impressed with a certain artist, because two people tried to enter different songs by them, and another song of theirs was mentioned in this thread. So clearly they must have very unique song titles!

    Here is the one veto so far for non- song title related reasons (though there were some similar-but-not-quite-identical song titles):

  14. It was supposed to represent my Pokemon Snap obsession, but it turns out it also appears to be a unique song title! (wow this song is not very good... and also does not seem to be Pokemon-related)
  15. Us in Berserky World impatiently waiting for the Song List to come out!

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  16. Seeing who's going to pass on this round, I was tempted to change my entry last-minute, but I eventually decided to leave it.
  17. I'll be pleasantly surprised if my back-up entry has passed (it's me who tried it with Exposé dd). But seeing as I haven't even started PJSC yet, I don't mind a bit of suspense in this department!
  18. I decided to take of care of the three other contests early this month, so...

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