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PJ Retro 66: The PRIDE Edition! Results done!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WoW73, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. Well, my moment of Howard Ashman stanning didn't do as well as I'd hope. I mean, I didn't expect to win or anything, but still!

    At some point in my life I will finally write 'the essay' about The Little Mermaid & how much inspired & influenced about everything I would be obsessed with in my life. It's in my brain, in bits & pieces. Howard Ashman was just the first domino in a series of things that kinda define me & the debt of gratitude I owe to him is hard to quantify.

    If you haven't wanted the documentary about him yet, you really should. It's on Disney+.

    Speaking of The Little Mermaid, while I felt it was important I shared Howard's version of 'Disneyland' for this contest, the main version from his musical Smile was sung by Jodi Benson. It would be first time they worked together, before he would call on her again for the voice of Ariel.

    Congrats @WoW73 & thanks to you & @Doodvid for the round hosting & such.

    Also big thanks for 'Disneyland's 3 voters:

    10: @Jeffo
    3 : @livefrommelbs
    1: @Filippa
  2. Oooooooo congrats on your back-to-back win, sis!!! It sure feels amazing.

    That top 10 in general is great, love love love seeing Baek, Toy-Box and Miles doing well.

    Thank you for the support for Daniela, especially these two 12s. Angels!

    Happy pride, everyone!
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  3. I actually thought 'Cruisin' the Streets' might win this, but it came 21st ddd. Shows you what I know.

    Or maybe not everyone listened to the full 13 minutes of it, or whatever it was, with those dialogue bits.
  4. It fit the theme at least!

    I first discovered it on the Disco Discharge Gay Disco & Hi-NRG compilation. The whole series from a few years back is bursting at the seams with bops (gay disco and not gay disco alike!).
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  5. So it seemed I (appropriately) needed at least 2wo Third3 of my co-host’s score added to mine to get anywhere near the top of the rankings. Gulp!

    Thanks to all those who enjoyed ‘I Want To Be Alone’, especially @Untouchable Ace for the 12 - the song’s always been a favourite of mine thanks to the quirky lyrics - mostly the shady “I doubt that MENSA is expecting you” (@iheartpoptarts also picked up on the references to ‘faxing’!)

    The 4th member that @Hudweiser referred to was actually PJ’s very own @biff stannard (Spice Girls/Kylie/anyone legendary in pop) and he was represented by a stylised cartoon avatar, courtesy of the amazing design company Form:


    Sorry to @WoW73 for not being as present this round or behind the scenes - contest life is clashing with real life sadly. Well done for the victory in a very strong round!
  6. The weirdest coincidence about this was that all weekend here there's been a Legends festival on across the river - tribute acts/bands - and the wind has been blowing the music in this direction. The final act last night was an ABBA tribute, and as you randomly added this to the end of your final scoreboard post, I could hear the massacring of Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! from two miles away.
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  7. That is indeed very WOW!

    Coming (quite) soon:
  8. [​IMG]
    Me running away with my version of 'Voulez-Vous'.
  9. I have been racking my brain trying to remember what other refrain the chorus of “The Sailor Song” reminds me of and I think I cracked it.

    I don’t speak music, so I can’t explain myself well... obviously they’re not note-for-note identical but they have the same ... chord progression? Something?
  10. I just heard the news of Raffaella Carrà. RIP, my Retro Queen!

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  11. I Really enjoyed reading all of these and was chuffed to have a song involved. Thank you !!! Don’t forget to invite me next year ! I wont nom one of mine promise. B x
  12. Ezz


    Thank you to those who voted for "Masquerade" - I was really thrilled to see more entries related to 1980s house music, along with the amazing Toy Box and Robert Miles. It was an uplifting round, thanks to @WoW73 and @Doodvid!
  13. Thank you for reminding me of that particular Evelyn track, I had forgotten about it, and love it!!
  14. 2021 YOU ARE DISMISSED!!!

    i did not know that there was a jukebox musical based on her songs.
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  15. Everyone goes on and on about when she won
    Remember the time *I* sent Raffaella to PJOPS and she came a measly 15th??
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  16. A masterpiece of audiovisual art!
  17. Thanks so much for the points
    @Tiger Suit @invertedbutterfly @Ezz @Jeffo @livefrommelbs @ohnoitisnathan @WowWowWowWow @iheartpoptarts

    My Pride song:

    Thanks to the hosts and also well done on the double win @WoW73. We've had many obvious winners in the last year.

    I hope this cover is how we all knew 'Is It All Over My Face?'

    You're amazing, thanks for the good music.
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