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PJ Retro 68.5: VETO! - Done, winner crowned

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WoW73, Aug 29, 2021.

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  3. Sorry bae. I can only handle one contest at a time still and since I have dried out my potential entries here I have to sit it out.
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  4. Sorry about your schedule being out of control. We will miss having you with us! I can see a few options to pick from the Past Vetoes (on the first post) that are obvious Sprockrooster Submissions/12s!
  5. Pretty sure I've only ever had one submission vetoed... and I don't want to reveal what it was yet, because I may have just chosen it for this round ddd.
  6. Ezz


    I'm in (second chance rounds I can cope with at the moment, it's my own entry lists that have run dry), some absolute classics in there!
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  7. Dayum five in the list are mine…
  8. Bumping this thread: submission closes this Friday...!
  9. I'm disappointed more of mine and Huddy's old entries haven't been entered.
  10. I'm in. Thanks for tagging me!
  11. Last day to submit your TOP song, after the fabulous FLOP Song round!
  12. 4 of my songs remain unclaimed.
    Maybe I can use one next time.
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  13. Of the 29 songs that aren't mine, I know 14 of them already, and probably at least 6 of them will definitely get points from me. The others had better be good ddd.
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  14. [​IMG]
    But sorry to tell say, you can't sit here.
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  15. Only one of these was mine and I claimed it, so I'm super perched even tho with the luminaries in attendance it's ridiculous to expect any kind of showing.
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  16. One of the songs that was not selected for this round (so I feel free to disclose this information now) was one of my vetoed songs: Dusty Springfield's 'That's The Kind Of Love I Have For You' - a disco banger from her 1978 album 'It Begins Again'.


    Dusty was deemed too big of a name for Retro.
    I almost entered this song as a back up song, but the English version went to the Top Ten in the U.K.:


    So, I went for a different song by Queen Carrà (R.I.P.) her 1974 hit 'Rumore'... and I got my first gold!!

    So don't let a veto discourage you!
  17. Time to feature my first veto no one bothered to grab from me here:

    Vetoed: PJRetro 52 - Tell Us A Memory by @KamikazeHeart
    Trying to bait: @Filippa @CorgiCorgiCorgi @livefrommelbs @unnameable @Maki
    Replaced with: Quand Je T'Aime by Demis Roussos (which still lead to points from Unnameable, Filippa and Maki - so this kinda worked out)

    A stunning & timeless song from New Zealand - I adore it to this day! I was able to get this equally stunning cover into a Side Theme of PJ00s hosted by @Tiger Suit and @Untouchable Ace

    Would it be a 12 here? Yes, definitely!
  18. I remember that Gillette song on The Box aaaaall the time circa 1995 in its edited form 'Short Short Man'.
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  19. Now I know where one of my favorite PJSC discoveries from years ago came from.

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