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PJ Retro 72 - The Soap Opera - Winner revealed. ROLL END CREDITS

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Doodvid, Dec 29, 2021.


    John Barry - ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’

    Song linked to the James Bond film series and reached the UK Top 10 in 1997 as a remake from Propellerheads and David Arnold.


    Dalbello - ‘Black on Black’

    Covered and released as a single by the group Heart.


    Sylvia - ‘Nobody’

    US #15 chart peak, 20 week chart run, gold certification and a BMI Song of the Year award in 1983 for most radio airplay.


    The Shamen - ‘Destination Eschaton’

    8th UK Top 20 single, peaking at #15 in 1995.

  5. No @Island and no @Robsolete, yet an iconic Neighbours villain is here? Which Australian is responsible then? Hmmmm
  6. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Not this post happening in a round with a song called Cat In Disguise.
  7. I mean:
  8. God forbid someone tried to enter a song they had no idea was a flop Heart single off a flop Heart album as well…all those massive Heart fans would have certainly known about it and favored it unfairly…thanks veto panel!

    perhaps I’m being extra dramatic to stay on the soap theme…perhaps not
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  9. Calling the Heart album a flop is a bit of a reach, it's certified Gold in the US, and its lead single was a moderate hit both in the UK and US too. Vetoed songs aren't always ones that would end up unfairly favoured (I have no idea whether that would happen with this one or not), but the rules are the rules.
  10. I think the veto was the reach but I know being on the panel doesn’t pay well so I thank you for your service!
  11. I posted before this addendum but maybe that’s what my problem is…I think “would it be unfairly favored or not?” actually should be a part of the criteria although I get that it’s super subjective and therefor hard to quantify. Nevertheless it certainly wouldn’t have happened with this one.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Oh I definitely get that, it always feels like a bit of a shame to veto a song that most likely wouldn't even do particularly well, but you can't really go "well, this song doesn't fit the rules, but it's not like it'd have an advantage in the contest, so let's pass it anyway", no real point in having rules if you're sometimes going to ignore them. That actually came up this round re the John Barry song, an instrumental that would almost certainly flop.
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  14. Oooh. What a song!
  15. I'd program them to be different (with assistance from Stefano or whatever villain we have in the soap).
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  16. Given that it's not on Spotify, and the video linked here is only 240p, I've uploaded a 480p copy of Tracy Spencer's 'Run To Me' here:

    I could have done an an audio re-sync for better sound quality, though. Should I?

    Always trying to help the competition...
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  17. I wasn't on the panel this round...

    I can reveal exclusively here that Heart's 'Black On Black II' peaked at #138 in Australia in May 1994... so it did chart somewhere ddd.
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  18. Second round in a row with no (discernable) French entries!


    At least we have some FL this round, I suppose...
  19. I don't know about evil twin version, but has anyone spotted the female version of We've Got It Goin' On by the Backstreet Boys?
  20. As per usual, here's the YouTube playlist!

    Note: For Tracy Spencer's song, I included the link that @ohnoitisnathan provided - let me know if it needs to be changed.
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