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PJ Retro 77: One Word Edition (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Jun 4, 2022.

  1. I see your ballot is already on the spreadsheet which means I tagged you instead of someone else. Sorry!

    Oh wait, that 'someone else' was supposed to be me before I actually voted a few hours ago ddd. It's all good!
  2. My listen is currently incomplete due to Glastonbury and my computer's driver breaking. Don't worry, I will be focusing on completing this tomorrow afternoon, after I had lunch with family.
  3. TEA


    Now that we have about two thirds of total votes, here's some more leaderboard tea:

    ~ The current leader is becoming much more apparent, but still a lot can change.
    ~ All songs have points and all songs are on double digits!
    ~ Twelve songs received at least one 12. (someone call @pop3blow2!)
    ~ Things are very close in the lower/middle end of the leaderboard.
    ~ Two entries received at least one full set of 12/10/8 points.
    ~ We will surely be looking at other participants when it comes to hosting the next round.
    ~ All songs in the top 10 and bottom 10 have one word in their titles. Yes I'm running out of ideas ddd

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  4. There are three songs here that sound like Winners to me, but if one is emerging as a front runner - I wonder which of the three (if any) it is! Hopefully it is one I voted for ddd
  5. c7gi20oplns21.jpg
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  6. M for miracles Sinitta.IDon'tBelieveInMiracles2.gif

    (I know what it is but don't want to host)
  7. I M A _ I _ E

    C W Y

    Somebody must want to host...
  8. I believe this ditty is 'Imagine' by @Robsolete.
  9. Yes!

    This song is so cute you guys.
  10. Maybe we're spent.

    This could be the last 1?

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  11. If you're thinking it's the last one it must be something iconic, right?

  12. Interesting! I had the exact opposite experience.
  13. Not me now frantically looking at where my song falls on the list to see if points from @Maki or @invertedbutterfly are more likely ddd
  14. That's too much to live up to.

    G_ _ _ _ _ _

  15. S for 'Six hours left to vote!'
  16. A for "Am ready for the reveals".
  17. R for "Reveals soon, please?"
  18. W for gimme Who Sent What!
  19. Happy to say that all ballots arrived on time, but we'll formally wait for the official voting deadline before posting 'who sent what' list and announcing the time of reveals.
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