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PJ Retro 77: One Word Edition (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Jun 4, 2022.

  1. I've finally made up for destroying @ohnoitisnathan's winner chances with shirtless bad boys and SAW. Congrats and we heart you!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. And I wanna thank @Maki for flawless co-hosting and just generally being amazing, you're crazy good at this and you've made it so much fun!
  4. I just did the stats and something shocking has happened!


    Aliens takes me to the top (despite not winning!)

    The whole Top 5 is well and truly on my tail though - so I fully expect this ranking to go berserk (ddd) by the next update!

    @citoig - about time you returned, look at your average!! You too @Jeffo!!

    I trust @Up N Down is debuting next round and getting 500 points to himself?
  5. And I'm honored to have out-tiny crowned you my bubblegum partner in crime!
  6. Thanksbutpainful.jpg at the way I've basically gotten worse and worse at Retro as the year has gone on. What goes down most come up though, right? RIGHT?!

    But YAY for @ohnoitisnathan scooping that well-deserved and long-overdue win! That's super exciting.

    Thanks for hosting @iheartpoptarts and @Maki - in a word, FABULOUS.
  7. I'm glad I didn't see this before or I might not have had the nerve to go so heart-over-head!

    And congrats icon!
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Thank you to my voters doing this at my song:


    12 @ohnoitisnathan @Doodvid
    10 @Tiger Suit @Filler
    8 @Untouchable Ace
    7 @WoW73
    5 @livefrommelbs @Maki
    4 @TéléDex @Phonetics Girl
    3 @iheartpoptarts
    2 @If You Go @DJHazey
    1 @DominoDancing

    I've had AH-liens on my Longlist for a while (maybe over a year) and I think it remained well hidden from submission due to me once looking up the lyrics and never taking the plunge. Maybe RADIORAMA are the Aliens and this is their language? This theme narrowed my list down to this and a French song (that might have been a little too L'Imperatrice in its quirkiness for Retro, though maybe not - we will see at some point) and Aliens seemed like the No Brainer of the two to bait both hosts. Glad it mostly worked!!

    I guess this is why I will always be Pro-Themes on RETRO - it makes me submit songs I probably wouldn't otherwise!

    Me looking forward to what Nathan will have in store for us:

    If I can to tomorrow without them need a miracle

  10. Of course the song I considered a 'punishment', vocally for those uptight ears, has become this year's highest ranked song for me. I mean, I love the song too, I like the sudden high note in the middle and I love the composition, so it's great to get high scores for this, no 12s, but surprisingly high than any of the other entries I entered this year. I do hope my next planned one gets higher though. Thanks for the votes.
  11. Wow, dead center! Literally not the best and not the worst.

    Thanks to everyone who threw points at Mioko – I thought this might be a long shot but I love the song and wanted to introduce her music to everyone. I stumbled across her on a music blog a few years ago and didn't stop until I had all of her albums. "Natsu" is especially magical to me, like a lost end-titles song for a Studio Ghibli film.

    She made a bunch of albums in the '80s to very small commercial success, but her star rose as a cult figure, especially recently with the rise of j-synth/city pop cratediggers and their blogs/YouTube channels. She came out of retirement and made a few new albums recently, including acoustic re-recordings of her old songs. Here's what you might call "Natsu (Mioko's Version)" ...

  12. @Isobel (also maybe @TéléDex ) - if you are a fan of Mioko's tone, I mentioned an artist I love (Helene Rolles) in my commentary with my 12. Might be someone you enjoy - here are two songs by her I've sent previously:

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  13. @berserkboi I hear the resemblance! There's also another I know who reminds me of both of these vocally, though I may want to save her for a future PJRetro round...
  14. After a slow start, I will take 15th place - especially as it appears to be bang-on average for me based on @berserkboi's spreadsheet!

    I jump for joy for my voters:

    8: @If You Go @iheartpoptarts (sorry for the theft!) @unnameable
    7: @DJHazey @chanex
    5: @Disco Blister
    4: @Ezz
    2: @Doodvid

    Thanks all!

    Well done to the hosts for a great show, congratulations to all who participated in all 40+ pages of Hangman, and I look forward to the next round!
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  15. Thank my mum for this one – she loved Aztec Camera in her teens, and 'High Land, Hard Rain' stayed on heavy rotation in our household right through to my teens. She remains a much bigger Aztec Stanera than I am (most of that album I am sick to death of) but the lovely breezy 'Oblivious', written by Roddy Frame as a concerted attempt to bait Top of the Pops into inviting them on, was the hardest song to hate.

    The lyrics were apparently stitched together from unrelated scribblings in Roddy's songwriting notebook and don't really have any coherent overall meaning. Xenomania invented 15 years earlier than we thought?

    Anyway, I passed the result on to my mum, and here's her comment:

    "What the fuck? Absolute twats. Absolute fucking twats. People shouldn't be allowed to vote. That's how we've ended up with a Tory government and Aztec Camera at twenty-bastard-three."

    (Thank you to @Attis, @pop3blow2, @Untouchable Ace, @iheartpoptarts, @Isobel, @Disco Blister, and @Maki for the points.)
  16. Sorry to sound like my mum but I do think if you're having a pop song contest that includes Sparks and they're not on your ballot you should, on some level, be brutally executed. This shits over Aztec Camera and it's literally their 43rd best song (I just counted).

    Maybe I should have entered Sparks myself by now but too many other people have entered them and I try to prioritise contest virgins. (Information Society is a cross off my "Huh, they're still contest virgins? Hope I beat someone else to rectifying that!" list this month.)
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