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PJ Retro 78 - Awkward pre-1996 twisted English virgins. Drip dry reveals O.V.A.H. - winner announced

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnoitisnathan, Jun 29, 2022.

  1. It's not that restrictive, I should be able to send something relatively easily.
  2. If anyone is truly stuck, I've got a brainstormed list of... 225 (!) they are welcome to pick one from.

    I've got enough songs to last until PJ Retro 303 ddd
  3. More submission tea:

    - Of the 13 songs submitted so far, only 7 are on Spotify (in the correct versions etc.)!
    - there are some male vocal songs!
    - the oldest song submitted so far is from 1982; the latest is from 1995.
  4. I'd have a few cool potentials if it weren't for the pre-96 part. As it is... I guess I'll just submit something without any expectations of it actually doing well dd
  5. I was going to sit this one out since didn't think I had one in the queue that fit the bill, but then I thought of one driving to work this morning.
  6. I've submitted.

    These are always funny and awkward.
  7. ^ Haha. That reminds me of an Australian episode of Family Feud I saw in 1990 where a woman answered "crotchet" to a question that was something like 'name a contact sport'. Unfortunately, I don't think it's on YouTube.
  8. I am looking at the Veto Sheet so far and I barely recognise any names (even my act's ddd) - this is making me very excited to hear everything! <3
  9. Today's awkward interview:

  10. I feel personally attacked
  11. I'd love to be able to find a clip a friend of mine had on VHS (!) of a woman on a UK talk show singing Des'ree's Life (very poorly), getting her life in a really awful plaid shirt, but the audience just staring totally vacantly at her, and she ends it with a triumphant "YEAH!"
  12. Surprised nobody mentioned arguably the most iconic/out-there moment regarding pre-2000 interviews (or at least attempts of an interview dd):

  13. Courtney Love throwing her shoe at Madonna during interview lives in my mind rent free
  14. I feel personally attacked by the thread title (I was born in England, and pre-1996 I was a virgin.... well pre-1997 as well, ah happy memories of student fumblings with Mazzy Star playing in the background.... I should have known it wouldn't last when she asked me to change the music from Maria McKee)
  15. Not an interview, but awkward as hell... and funny as hell too.

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  16. Early Bananarama interview with Paula Yates. Representative answer:

    "I dunno, really. We haven't worked that one out yet either" *bursts into giggling fit*

  17. More submission tea:

    - 21 songs submitted so far that have gotten onto the veto spreadsheet
    - only 14 of those are on Spotify
    - 2 artists have been entered twice (!)
    - someone tried to submit a song that I entered in an earlier round (and came 19th with) ddd
    - of 19 songs checked so far, none of these artists have dedicated threads here
  18. This has been at top of mind.

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