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PJ Retro 79 - Let's get FRUITY - WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by klow, Jul 25, 2022.

  1. Been through the playlist a couple times now. The ones I'll be voting for have pretty much jumped out at me already, but I'll give it a little longer to see if any growers ripen.
  2. Do you have a reservation?
    I have a party in my house
    I serve: bananas, bananas, bananas, bananas...
    Potatoes and some cock

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  3. Ready to be shocked?
    Someone has just voted.

  4. Observations:
    • The TV presenter telling the Quarterflash singer she has a weird name...!
    • Luis Miguel's 90s-stonewash-jeans-and-white-t-shirt look is working nicely
    • There's an obvious as hell winner
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  5. When's the deadline for this? A very quick perusal of page 1 did not locate it.
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  6. It should be this:
  7. "Fruit Ballot" is a nice addition to my mental list of strange and wonderful phrases that could be band names.
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  8. Is this supposed to end as abruptly as it does?
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  9. Sorry for being so neglectful of this thread! A combination of preparing for a work presentation that is thankfully now over and having to help my partner out with his re-landscaping of our apartment building's garden over the weekend meant that I haven't been able to devote as much time to thinking about fruit as I would like!

    Deadline now on page 1! And also in @Maki's post!

    I will have to verify this with the submitter!

    So far I have received seven ballots and the difference between #1 and #2 is only 2 points...so a lot can change, but it's not looking too obvious just yet!

    Will be back soon with another fruit spotlight! There are about ten days left to send a fruit ballot to me.
  10. Can't believe this thread's been open for a while now and I still haven't shared my favourite Retro-era fruit-related movie moment.

    I still quote the little boy to this very day.
  11. 37F09CCE-3CFB-4447-833D-AF6E5AB06DD9.png

    What kind of enchantment do you have in place for this to be the crossword theme in the Mauritian paper @klow??
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  12. OK, so, the version in the playlist appears to be the only upload of the music video that exists, which is why the submitter used it - but there is also this more complete version available that I am now adding as an “Alternate Link”.

  13. Sent in votes but literally had to look up a poster depicting various fruits to get to 10.
  14. The long awaited second fruit spotlight is here! I put my whole citrussy into this so please enjoy this deep shallow dive into the world of CITRUS!



    The most versatile of all citrus queens, lemons can find a way to belong almost anywhere - in a dessert, drink (but more on that later), salad dressing, or to enliven all manner of meat and vegetable dishes. I guess they're not much fun in a fruit salad, so they don't pass @soratami's all important test, but they definitely are fruit, and definitely are worthy of a place on any fruit ballot. Does anyone here eat lemons as if they were oranges? I have heard some are partial to this perverted practice, but I have never personally attempted it.



    Now, a slice of lemon in a G&T (my second favourite of all alcoholic drinks) is serviceable. It will do. It will suffice. A slice of lime, however, elevates this drink exponentially. Quite why, I cannot explain. Maybe Dorit Kemsley was on to something when she specified that all her drinks containing the essence of lemon must be "carcass out". Anyway, when it comes to beverages, I am afraid I must argue for lime's superiority. This is principally because lime juice is also a central component to my first favourite of all alcoholic drinks, the margarita. I am not really a big alcohol drinker these days, but if it's the weekend and these are available, I can be known to down them like they're made of water. The lime also provide that much needed acidic hit to a curry and/or a fish taco. An icon!



    Which came first, the colour or the fruit? Well, the answer seems to be fruit, but it's subject to some debate. Witness this, from The Guardian twelve years ago:

    If there are any participants that speak a language other than English it would be interesting to know whether the word for "orange" the fruit is the same for "orange" the colour in that language!

    And as for the fruit itself? Well, the Vicar of Dibley was a great advocate for the marriage of chocolate and orange; the French say it matches well with duck; while its juice is paired up with a bowl of cereal or slice of toast in many parts of the Western world. Another multifaceted member of the citrus troupe!



    A blood orange is, well, an orange that is crimson on the inside and quite tart in flavour. It's also the pseudonym of Devonté Hynes, the musician and producer who co-authored songs like "Everything Is Embarrasing" by Sky Ferreira, "Losing You" by Solange, "Want Your Feeling" by Jessie Ware, "Flatline" by Mutya Keisha Siobhan and "All That" by Carly Rae Jepsen. It really is the indie version of the regular orange in the fruit world as well - less commonly seen, but very much appreciated by connoisseurs. It's a great sorbet flavour, and a dried slice works well as a drink garnish.



    Also known as the "fingered citron", this is a peculiar-looking fruit that I occasionally see at the supermarket, but have never eaten. Its origins are believed to be in Southern or Eastern Asia. Wikipedia tells me that it's used mostly to perfume things, but that its zest can be used to flavour desserts, or candied. I just think they look cool.

    Will any citrus fruits be included on your fruit ballots? You have just over ONE WEEK to decide!

    (Side note - I have 16 fruit ballots so far and 10 song ballots - look forward to hearing from the remainder of you soon!)
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  15. Moments of that glorious post that really spoke to me on a citruspiritual level.
  16. [​IMG]
    Finger limes are so special, like the caviar of fruit.
    I haven't had them in a long time so I only remember them being great.
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  17. The citrus writeup was epic! But buddha’s hands & no grapefruit hmmm? Maybe it’s a regional thing?

    A margarita is my favorite cocktail as well but it MUST be frozen! In fact I’ve been spending the last month in my hometown, the birthplace of the frozen marg, or at least the frozen margarita machine (its origins are controversial). I’ve had them at half a dozen places. So yes I am biased.

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  18. [​IMG]

    I prefer a traditional marg over a frozen one, but there's no denying on a hot day they go down like an absolute treat (especially with the way you Americans free pour).
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  19. A squirt of lime makes a pina colada that much nicer too - well, a virgin/mocktail one, since I rarely (like, literally once in a blue moon) drink alcohol.
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  20. Over here, the fruit is called 'narandža/pomorandža' and the colour is 'narandžasta', so it's pretty close.
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