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PJ Retro 80: MASQUERADE! The ball is over, see you again soon!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WoW73, Aug 24, 2022.

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    Welcome to the PJ Retro Masked Ball!

    After Italian diva Lorella Cuccarini winning the previous round, for round 80 we travel to Venice, Italy, where we attend a masked ball. As usual, we send a song, but here is the twist:

    You are invited to put on your masks, and send in the song under a different user's name! (first come, first served; they do not need to be regular Retro participants, as long as they have an active forum account - please no trolling!).

    It won't be until the reveals of the ballots, the masks come off and the true participants are revealed!

    For example, @berserkboi enters as song, and chooses to enter it as @Maki's entry. It won't be until the reveals show, it is revealed it was @berserkboi's entry.

    So keep the user whose mask you are wearing a secret until the end!


    For the die-hards, here is a bonus challenge: choose an entry that masks as a different song, i.e., it sounds familiar (though not a cover or sample of famous songs as per the rules). If you choose to do so, please also enter the song it reminds you of in the PM, thanks!

    Example: @Untouchable Ace decides to enter Tatjana with Awaka Boy, which is similar to MoltoCarina's Voice of the Night, and enters it as @ohnoitisnathan's entry


    - Choose a song, and send me the relevant information and links in a PM
    - Choose as which user you wish to enter it;
    - If you choose to send a song that sounds familiar, state the song it reminds you of
    - After voting is closed and the reveals start, the actual participants are revealed

    There are no other themes or restrictions, other than the usual rules:

    You submit a song, the veto panel reviews your submission, and you’ll hear back if you’ve successfully passed. Once the song list is revealed, you listen to all of the other entries and put together a Eurovision-style ballot ranking the 10 songs you think most deserve recognition with point values as follows:

    12 points (your favourite song goes here)
    10 points
    8 points
    7 points
    6 points
    5 points
    4 points
    3 points
    2 points
    1 point (your least favourite song of your top 10 goes here)

    You cannot vote for your own entry, you don’t know who submitted the other songs, and only those who have entered a song may submit a ballot. Contestants who enter a song but don’t vote will have their points total halved as a consequence. I’ll reveal the ballots one by one at the end, and whoever accrues the most points wins the round, the envy of their peers, and an appearance at Bingo Bongo. Simple as that.

    Criteria that will absolutely result in a veto

    • Song was originally released after December 31, 1999
    • Song was already entered in a previous round of any of the PJ song contests
    Click here for the list of previous PJOPS/PJ Retro entries
    Click here for the list of previous PJSC entries
    • Song peaked within the top 10 on the UK or US singles chart
    • Song is a cover of or contains a prominent sample of a UK or US top 10 hit OR was covered/prominently sampled in a song that was a UK or US top 10 hit
    • Act has 25 pages or more of discussion on the forum
    • Act was entered in the previous round
    • This includes any related solo or group acts to an act that was entered in the previous round (ex. Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, in an alternate universe where either of them could actually pass the veto criteria)

    Criteria that will also be taken in consideration for veto purposes

    • Song is from an album that peaked in the top 10 on the UK or US albums chart
    • Song is from a Platinum- or Gold-certified album in the UK or US
    • Song peaked between #11 and #20 on the UK or US singles chart
    • Song was a major hit in other big music markets (France, Germany, Japan, etc) and/or in multiple countries
    • Act has 15 - 24 pages of discussion on the forum
    • Song is by an act who had major success in the UK or US
    • Act has been entered multiple times in this contest

    Entry Submission Deadline: August 30
    Voting Deadline: September 20
    Results Reveal Date: September 21

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  3. [​IMG]

    The Retro bunch... I think I've spotted @Maki!
  4. [​IMG]

    Ok, you can post now if you wish!
  5. Just to give credit where credit is due: I was inspired by a spin-off contest over at BuzzJack, AND of course the iconic 1986 Dynasty episode called Masquerade:
  6. A fun idea for a round!
    So technically this is another themeless round in terms of song restrictions? I'm scared to waste my potential winner to a round where everyone can bring their best. Now what to choose...
  7. Ce thème est magnifique!
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  8. Yes, it is themeless, basically... the 'sounds like.." challenge is not mandatory!
  9. Can someone explain this concept to me in a really dumbed-down way?

    I thought we didn't know who submitted what until just before reveals, anyway?

    I can't be the only one who doesn't get it.
  10. Ok, it's like the masked singer: we won't find out who is behind the mask, until the mask goes off

    So, I will enter a song pretending to be you, and that is was actually my entry will be revealed at the results.

    Does that help??
  11. No, you cannot be behind your own mask hahaha - you have to pick some one else
  12. Well, "who sent what" usually gets posted a while before reveals start, so it should be fun first having that and then seeing who actually submitted each song through the reveals.
  13. No ddd.

    I've seen... bits of The Masked Singer. I get that concept. Though not why anyone would want to watch it ddd - though keep in mind, I am basing this on the Ostrayan version, where they literally drag out Z-list 'celebrities', because we're a small pond.

    How does this differ from the usual entry process, where nobody knows that your song is yours until reveals?

    What if two or more people e.g. decide to be @berserkboi ?
  14. So it's like...

    Song X - User Y
    Song Y - User Z

    But you don't get to find out who the real users are until reveals?

    I think I get it now. Just.
  15. The first one to choose berserky can pose as him, the other is asked to pick someone else.

    The usual entry process in not different, everything remains a secret, but when the voting opens the fake user names are revealed instead of the actual ones - to keep in interesting (OR very messy and confusing, either way we'll have a (masked) ball!)
  16. One thing I'm wondering about is, what happens if someone picks a user who didn't actually submit a song this round?
  17. *submits now just so I can be berserky*

    OK, I know that posting this publicly kind of defeats the purpose ddd.
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