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PJ Retro 80: MASQUERADE! The ball is over, see you again soon!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WoW73, Aug 24, 2022.

  1. I have just caught up with the results in one sitting and I am thoroughly confused (this round was an absolute masterstroke @WoW73!).
  2. What's more impressive is it felt even longer than 7 minutes.
  3. Is @WoW73 really going to go back and edit in spoiler posts with the real information?

    Congratulations @WoW73 you're gagged right now.
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  4. I demand a repeat with proper reveals because there's no way I'll be tracking back each ballot in order to properly thank the voters.
  5. Went back and saw that the person I pretended to be did not actually vote for me. Thanks for nothing ddd.
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  7. At least the person I masqueraded as voted for my entry... which can't be said for me and the entrant masquerading as me ddd
  8. I can now reveal I gave my 12 to the "@soratami" entry... which is what I would do every round of every contest if I could. But anyway, "@soratami" chose well.
  9. My third silver, and in under a year, too!

    Ddd at the competition being between @berserkboi and I.

    Oh well, at least on the upside...

    I don't have to host!
  10. @berserkboi decided to win everything this month - congratulations!

    Now where are the actual reveals/ballots?
  11. I need a little time away from my Mac, I will post the ballots again, but in their original form, soon. Back in a little bit!

  12. Wow.

    Well done @berserkboi, don't mind if I jinx you by saying that you will also win PJ00 coming up. Doing what I did in May by winning 3 contests but losing in the one contest you've been chasing PJSC (for me it's PJXtra).
  13. I think you might have to?
  14. I originally intended to give Corona 10 points, if we were rating the LP version (as originally appeared on the Spotify playlist), but downgraded the score to 1 after learning that were rating the single version.

    If I had stuck with the 10, Vanelle would have received 8 points from me, instead of 10... resulting in @berserkboi and I tying for the #1 position ddd.

    Moral of the story: don't change your original ballot!
  15. The only joy in hosting, for me, is choosing the theme and getting to see the results as they come in.
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