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PJ Retro 80: MASQUERADE! The ball is over, see you again soon!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WoW73, Aug 24, 2022.

  1. And finally, the side theme:

    @Maki got most of them right!

    Madonna was indeed Vanelle - Tell Me
    Janet Jackson was indeed Cherrelle - Artificial Heart
    ABBA - SOS was indeed Neoton Família - Monte Carlo
    Sylvester / Steps / Leo Sayer were indeed Corona - I Don't Wanna Be A Star
    ABBA - Lay All Your Love on Me was Astaire - The Power Of Love
    Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie was of course Baccara - The Devil Sent You To Lorado
    Savage Garden - I Want You ~ Cause & Effect - It's Over Now
    Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill was indeed Swimming With Sharks - Careless Love
    Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky was indeed Kakko - We Should Be Dancing
    Real McCoy - Another Nightwas actually about Reset - Get Me
    Rose - Magic Carillon was indeed Linda Jo Rizzo - Heartflash (Tonight)
    ABBA and KISS were indeed Kim Clark - Stay Awhile
    Jessie Ware - Spotlight was indeed Fern Kinney - Love Me Tonight (Love, Love, Love)
    And @Phonetics Girl wrote "I'm sure it sounds like dozens of early 90s songs but I do not know a particular one" about Ephraim Lewis
  2. Okay, so a proper 'thank you' time:

    12 @Disco Blister (knew I could count on you and your flawless taste <3)
    10 @WoW73 @Dynamo (first points from you in any song contest, yay!)
    8 @Cutlery (hope we get some lovely commentary from you)
    4 @berserkboi @TéléDex
    3 @soratami @Hudweiser @Doodvid ("baiting" worked, I guess)
    2 @klow @Phonetics Girl
    1 @Up N Down @livefrommelbs @chanex
    HM @invertedbutterfly @A&E

    That's actually a great amount of voters (about a half of total participants) for this mega bop, though a lot of these are crumbs of points so that's why the point total wasn't too high.
    Lesson learned: don't send pre-80s songs unless it's a pre-80s themed round, especially if you think they are potential winners. Obviously I'm glad it didn't flop - I would've probably resigned otherwise ddd

    I'll post a round recap later.
  3. Ok, that's it I think! My mask can finally come off!


    Have a good day, night, sleep everyone! See you all in round 81
  4. Thank you @pop3blow2 and @Attis for saving me from permanent residence in the Zero Points Lounge. Time to go listen to Candela’s singer who earned 91 more points when she competed in PJSC LXIX.

  5. But it should have been about In The Night!! I actually thought my entry reminded me of a song (more like several) I knew from the DDR series, but I couldn't remember any names so I went with Another Night because it was somewhat similar though this Nightcore remix would have been a more accurate comparison:
  6. Congrats to @berserkboi for the win.

    I didn't really understand how I was supposed to pick the masquerade. I figured I was supposed to pick someone who would never enter the kind of song they were attached to, so in this case I picked forum-fav @Phonetics Girl because I don't think they'd go for that kind of Eurodance typically. Then in retrospect, I figured they'd at least love the video, with the ladies in the band having a pillow fight in bed.

    @If You Go by me giving you my 12 again and you giving me points again, I can now safely say you're in the Hazey Hall of Fame now along with @iheartpoptarts and @Maki as far those who passed points back and forth with me the most, across all contests.
  7. This was prrrrrobably my last one as a regular, I'm scraping the barrel for entries and haven't bothered the top 10 in forever.
  8. How do I *dislike* this post?
  9. [​IMG]

  10. Thanks for the Candy Girls love everyone! So happy it was enjoyed by so many.

    - and sorry to @chanex - I’d originally submitted these theatrics from Boney M but it got vetoed and I couldn’t be bothered to change my masquerade:

    Re: Fee Fi Fo Fum - I remember getting my life to this aged 15/16 when it appeared on the Top 40 chart countdown on Radio 1 back in the mid 90s, forgetting all about it, stumbling into it again decades later when I downloaded an ‘Oldskool Rave’ DJ set, then heard it again on a Hardbag house vinyl collection I bought a few years back…so it was kinda begging to be entered.

    The extended mix has to be heard purely for the following fabulous Sweet Pussy Pauline line (at 2:49) which was understandably excised from the radio edit…
  11. Oh and @WoW73 - I adored the utter carnage of this round, my fave evil old queen!
  12. Evil?? Me?? Takes a Queen to know one I suppose


  13. It appears @berserboi is still awake - so where's round 81!?!?

    Oh wait a second... he won for me! Ok, I will open the new round in a few minutes hehehe
  14. It is 3AM here but I will have the next round up within the next 24 hours in true @WoW73 fashion!

    I hope you all like games based on luck!! <333
  15. So?
  16. A&E


    It's a real shame the youtube uploader of many old Sweet Pussy Pauline tracks seems to have either deleted their account or had it taken down. There's gems like the original The Walk (which is where her vocals in Fee Fi Fo Fum were sampled from) that I can't find anywhere now.

    Highly recommended reads about her:
  17. I figured me and my dear imposter wouldn't exchange points - our respective entries being quite the opposite polars. (For what it's worth, I am bopping to The Sats while catching up here dd)

    I did try to do my best @Untouchable Ace entry with It Can't Be Forever, so super elated we did exchange points in the end.

    Quite a warm reception for Ephraim Lewis here makes me happy as well. Such a shame he was taken from us so soon. I came across this article about a year ago (https://www.blackgayblog.com/ephraim-lewis-life-tragic-death/), a touching and very insightful read. He deserves to be remembered.
  18. [​IMG]

    Okay, so assuming I have noted down the correct names now, I would like to thank @Cotton Park, @TéléDex, @If You Go and @iheartpoptarts for the points, and especially @ohnoitisnathan, @WoW73 and @Ezz for the full 12!
    Angel (Ladadi O-heyo) represents a genre that is usally not my absolute favourite, but something about the harmonic progression and melody has stuck with me since I first heard it in the 90s. Did I hope it would end up a bit higher on the leaderboard? Sure, but what can you do.

    Congrats @berserkboi on another well deserved win, you really are insanely in tune with the forum! And merci to @WoW73 for this highly confusing and highly entertaining round.
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