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PJ Retro 80: MASQUERADE! The ball is over, see you again soon!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WoW73, Aug 24, 2022.

  1. I am thoroughly confused and confuddled and loving it. Thank goodness I was asleep when “I” went missing it added to the fantasy!

    Thank you for not switching masks when you got vetoed @Doodvid, yes I would have almost certainly given points to that Boney M song but I would have been sad to sit the masquerade out and lose my pivotal role in the drama!

    @iheartpoptarts I was cosplaying you because we both entered Cherelle’s Affair many rounds back and you got to it first and I’ve always wondered…did you own the original 12” on vinyl like I did? Hmmm? LOL so glad you liked this one too it’s my third favorite of hers behind Affair and of course Saturday Love.

    Thank you @DominoDancing for giving Cherelle 12 points! I love it when that happens.

    Lastly thank you @WoW73 for this wild ride! My last contest as a single lady! The final mystery: which contestant from this round will be attending my wedding?!? xoxoxoc
  2. Wedding!!! Yes!! My money is on @Doodvid crashing your reception
  3. Many thanks to everyone who voted for Sheila:

    12 @chanex
    6 @klow, @Phonetics Girl, @DominoDancing, @If You Go, @unnameable
    5 @soratami
    3 @Untouchable Ace, @Cutlery
    1 @Maki, @invertedbutterfly

    As for my mask I initially chose @unnameable as they gave Rose's Magic Carillon a 12 and this song is a bit similar to that. Then I noticed they didn't take part in the previous round and I chose @Filler instead who regularly does. Thanks for no points sweatie!

    Also very rude of @livefrommelbs to not give me points while masquerading as me. I would always give myself points! Thanks for picking me though, I appreciate it. Noticed the song is from the same Youtube channel as my previous entry x

    By the way the Dance Version of the song really just adds the stuttering which I love. If you don't you can listen to the Normal Version.

    Congrats yet again @berserkboi! The song wasn't my fave but I can't wait to see you host. Hope I can take part! Speaking of hosting that was some crazy shit, thanks @WoW73!
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  4. I chose to masquerade as @popknark2 and send Candela because 10 years ago he prevented me from speaking to Jenny Silver.

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  5. A3FC3045-DC54-48B6-A4A6-E0419EF19435.gif
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  6. The Devil Sent You To Lorado had actually been sitting on my potential entries list for three years... goes to show there was a reason I didn't enter it through all that time and should have just gone with something "fresher" instead. But at least, theme willing, I already have a smash ready for round 81.
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  7. Got your pre-70's French lady at the ready?
  8. Not what I had in mind but that's one restrictive theme I can deal with dd
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  9. Thank you so much for these - the interview with her was all sorts of fabulous!

    “I’ve been to Africa, Australia and China talking about dick, honey” (one for the Aussie crew)

    “I was down in Atlanta and I came out and and they introduced me as Candy J. Everyone applauded nicely,” she said. “And I said, half of you here probably know me as Sweet Pussy Pauline. I had to wait five whole minutes for them to stop screaming and hollering. To my surprise a lot of people never associated the two. People actually bowed to me and said, ‘Oh my God, my grandmother used to listen to you!’ And I was like, ‘OK, thank you, I think.’”

    “I’m still here, looking gorgeous. Just make sure to put down that I’m single in the interview, in case any of your boys want to hit me up.”

    What a fucking legend.
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  10. Somebody leak details of @chanex special day so we can arrange a mass crashing.
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  11. As if I’d pick this and have you all vandalise 90% of my longlist!

  12. Recap time:

    Welp... my self-proclaimed winner didn't even reach top 10 but it's just more evidence that I need to stop overhyping some of my entries. By the looks of it, most participants had Kim Clark ranked close to their 10th fave so it figures it ended up about there on the leaderboard. Glad it still did well and managed to get some big points, too - thanks again to everyone who enjoyed and voted for the song!
    And I "won" the song connection game so yay for that.

    Underrated corner: Miguel Caló, Reset and... that's it?

    My "stolen" entry also did a tiny bit better than mine (and that's including 12 points from me), but it was still very close so there's really no bad blood there.

    Once again, congrats to legend @berserkboi for finally winning PJ Retro with an English song! It almost seems wrong not to see you win with French again actually. Also, Vanelle should be the longest entry to ever win PJOPS/PJ Retro - another accolade.

    Thank you for this amazing and mind-boggling hosting experience, @WoW73! Truly one of a kind by all means.
    Looking forward to the male French vocals songs over 5 minutes round!
  13. I am at my PC (even though it is a public holiday here and should still be in bed at 7:20AM ddd) so let me thank these legends for letting me win against the odds stacked out of favour of a 7 minute song (I did look into the radio edits of Tell Me and they all sucked as they took out the instrumental builds and key changes entirely - and what is the actual point??)

    12 @unnameable (first 12 since Quand Je T'Aime! Legends only!)
    10 @klow @soratami @ohnoitisnathan
    8 @WoW73 @Maki @If You Go
    7 @Doodvid @TéléDex
    6 @Untouchable Ace
    5 @Disco Blister
    4 @livefrommelbs @DJHazey @chanex (wish you all the wedded bliss!!)
    3 @iheartpoptarts (had Wow73 been selected, you'd have been my back-up mask as I think La Reine Vanelle is Canadian?)
    2 @Ezz
    HM @Hudweiser

    16 voters, just over half of you bopped! I love it!! Is this the longest song ever to win? I love having a handicap and if it can't be winning with French, winning with length works for me too dddd

    Get ready to pick your shapes/numbers!

  14. Now WAIT a damn minute. @chanex is getting married, gives 12 points to Sheila and @Maki says this about the song:
  15. Yesss I was literally going to mention that! I guess that reveals the special wedding attendee...
  16. I doubt this song is the longest ever to win, as back in the single digits of PJOPS we had a "long songs" round and there were some very long entries in that round.
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  17. All in all I could not be much happier with the results of this round - my streak of Retro medals continues, my 10 pointer took the crown and the user I was impersonating gave my track a 12!

    Thank you to:

    12: @soratami
    10: @Disco Blister @livefrommelbs
    8: @Phonetics Girl @chanex
    7: @pop3blow2 @Dynamo
    5: @berserkboi @Cotton Park @Attis @A&E
    4: @Doodvid
    3: @WoW73
    2: @TéléDex

    I love this song so much and it’s both a joy and a relief to see it went over so well amongst you all.

    The “Spotlight” connection was because I can hear faint traces of the song in it, of course, but also because Jessie Ware was informed of this track’s significance by her producer (and a wonderful dance artist in his own right) Midland, according to this interview:

    I learnt from James Ford through Harry Midland – the producer – the significance of Fern Kinney’s record Love Me Tonight. Apparently during the AIDS epidemic in New York, this would be the closing song they’d play [at clubs]. It’s such a beautiful song. So many people were losing their loved ones and friends and it became really significant. I was so intrigued by the story. I love that song but it takes on a whole new significance now I know the history and the context of it.”

    I think it’s testament to Fern’s dynamic vocals that the song can be just as easily parsed as a horny come-on as a reminder to cherish your friendships. On a very sad week for the forum where the strength and importance of our community was underscored, it seems fitting that the song did so well.

    A big congratulations to @WoW73 for juggling the chaos of the masquerade which was a lot of fun! Thank you also to @unnameable for pretending to be me for the night, and well done to my fellow medallists! I’ll see you all next time <3
  18. You're welcome to take something from my list! I'll be pushing up daisies or deaf before we get to PJ Retro 350 or however many rounds there needs to be before I use everything on my list up.
  19. Right. So you only got one 12, but I got 3, and lost by 2 points? Ddd.

    If I'd kept my original Corona score and we'd tied at #1, if the tie was broken, I would have won. Dddddddd.

    Not bitter at all!
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