PJ RETRO 86: Diner

Finished listening to the list yesterday and it's definitely not a bad round overall, but the low points were bad (and I'm not including the 'Pharmakon' song there) and it surely felt weaker than the usual PJ Retro round. Another issue is the lack of proper highlights so at this point I only know what my top 5 would look like... yeah, good luck to me voting.
Voted last night! My top 10 is surprisingly nice and I surely liked some of the songs that missed out. Turns out the very low lows fooled me into thinking this was a very weak round. Team FL should be happy as per usual.

And some of the YouTube comments were... fun:
Camp as tits but the melody is so catchy.
The intro should be edited out. Just give us the great tune and spare the rest of the English-speaking world the agony of having to listen to an Australian accent.
I can smell this clip... weed and mushrooms...
The 90s, when 2 guys holding hands was edgy. Gosh, I so don't miss these times. Still a great song.
she stumbles around the secret lab, she finds ears and eye balls, she witnesses evil experiment... she gives birth to GR44's older brother... brave woman.
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The tenth set of votes were received, which means it's time for


The song that was in fifth place after 5 voters is now in first place after 10 voters.
The song that was in first place after 5 voters is now tied for seventh place after 10 voters.
Some more songs left the Zero Points Lounge with this most recent batch of votes, but we unfortunately still have two songs yet to join the leaderboard.

That feeling when you discover a great song for Retro but it is only in potato quality online, and isn’t on Spotify