PJ Retro 88: Endless Retro Vacation (Winner revealed!)


Welcome to PJ Retro 88!
With May just starting and the summer/good weather being on its way (well, for some of us at least), we might feel in a vacation mood and that's what this edition will be about. My fellow medalist @Up N Down will be joining me in co-hosting this round. Combining the hosts' sensibilities (restrictive vs. themeless), the theme will be rather loose and this time, revolve around vacation, travelling, journey, transport, holidays, famous locations, destinations etc.

The rules (or "rules") for the theme are:
• Send a song that has something related to the things listed above, whether if it's the artist's name, the song title, the lyrics, the music video etc.
• We'll also permit songs that you might have fond memories of and possibly symbolized a certain vacation of yours - in this case, and also for other vacation-adjacent things that weren't mentioned, please make sure to just send a short explanation alongside. We're trying to keep things more interpretative here.

I later noticed that there has already been a PJ Retro (then PJOPS) round with an extremely similar theme, so consider looking there if you need some inspiration.

The usual rules can be found here:
You submit a song, the veto panel reviews your submission, and you’ll hear back if you’ve successfully passed. Once the song list is revealed, you listen to all of the other entries and put together a Eurovision-style ballot ranking the 10 songs you think most deserve recognition with point values as follows:

12 points (your favourite song goes here)
10 points
8 points
7 points
6 points
5 points
4 points
3 points
2 points
1 point (your least favourite song of your top 10 goes here)

You cannot vote for your own entry, you don’t know who submitted the other songs, and only those who have entered a song may submit a ballot. Contestants who enter a song but don’t vote will have their points total halved as a consequence. I’ll reveal the ballots one by one at the end, and whoever accrues the most points wins the round, the envy of their peers, and an appearance at Bingo Bongo. Simple as that.

Criteria that will absolutely result in a veto

• Song was originally released after December 31, 1999
• Song was already entered in a previous round of any of the PJ song contests
Click here for the list of previous PJOPS/PJ Retro entries
Click here for the list of previous PJSC entries
• Song peaked within the top 10 on the UK or US singles chart
• Song is a cover of or contains a prominent sample of a UK or US top 10 hit OR was covered/prominently sampled in a song that was a UK or US top 10 hit
• Song (or cover of a song) has competed in the Eurovision Song Contest
• Act has 25 pages or more of discussion on the forum
• Act was entered in the previous round
• This includes any related solo or group acts to an act that was entered in the previous round (ex. Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, in an alternate universe where either of them could actually pass the veto criteria)

Criteria that will also be taken in consideration for veto purposes

• Song is from an album that peaked in the top 10 on the UK or US albums chart
• Song is from a Platinum- or Gold-certified album in the UK or US
• Song peaked between #11 and #20 on the UK or US singles chart
• Song was a major hit in other big music markets (France, Germany, Japan, etc) and/or in multiple countries
• Act has 15 - 24 pages of discussion on the forum
• Song is by an act who had major success in the UK or US
• Act has been entered multiple times in this contest

Please try to send all of these to both @Maki and @Up N Down via PM:
- Your submission (in Artist - Song format)
- Link to submission on YouTube or similar
- Preferred Spotify link (or a note that it's not on Spotify, or shouldn't be included in the Spotify playlist for whatever reason)

As for the side theme, along with your submission (or later on), send your favourite pre-2000 vacation-related song that otherwise isn't eligible for this contest. Feel free to share your favourite vacations, places you've visited, dream locations etc. in the thread.

Let's embark this Endless Retro Vacation and have fun!

Submission deadline:
May 9
Voting period: May 10 to May 27
Reveals: May 28 or 29

(all deadlines close at midnight, whichever time zone you are in)

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Sarah - Tokyo Town
Gigi on the Beach - Summer in the Street
JX - Close to Your Heart
Chattanooga - Hallå hela pressen
Lutricia McNeal - Fly Away
Echo & the Bunnymen - Get in the Car
Momoko Kikuchi - Adventure
Single Gun Theory - From a Million Miles
Sandy Marton - Exotic and Erotic
Martha's Vineyard - Old Beach Road
Monica Naranjo - Sólo se vive una vez
Matt Monro - On Days Like These
Musique - Summer Love
Models - Barbados
Fiona - Living in a Boy's World
MCL (Micro Chip League) - New York
Caroline Henderson - Made in Europe
Rebeca - Duro de pelar
Tight Fit - Secret Heart
Stephanie - Fleurs du mal
Squeeze - This Summer
Amii Stewart - Break These Chains
Cranes - Paris & Rome
Nina Hagen - Smack Jack
Berlin - The Metro
Momoe Yamaguchi - Playback Part 2
Alyssa Milano - Somewhere in Jamaica
Nek - Laura Non C'é (Dance Remix)
Lisa - Trans Oural Express

This is an @Up N Down co-hosted round so the song list is in no random order. In addition to that all the Youtube exclusive/partially available on Spotify songs are at the end of the list for the convenience of those who have to switch from Spofity to Youtube for some songs.

Nina Hagen - Smack Jack Unavailable in Australia
Berlin - The Metro Only available in Canada & US
Momoe Yamaguchi - Playback Part 2 Only available on Youtube
Alyssa Milano - Somewhere in Jamaica Only available on Youtube
Nek - Laura Non C'é (Dance Remix) Only available on Youtube
Lisa - Trans Oural Express Only available on Youtube


Have a nice Retro vacation everyone but don't forget to submit your votes to both @Up N Down and @Maki by May 27 in the last time zone. Happy listening!

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