PJ Retro 88: Endless Retro Vacation (Winner revealed!)

Time to reveal this round's vetoes:

Alaska y Dinarama - ¿A Quién Le Importa?

Reason: Thalia's cover version of this song already appeared in PJ00s

911 - Love Sensation

Reason: 10 UK Top 10 Singles, on par with Backstreet Boys and Boyzone during the 90s.

The actual song list is on its way, watch Eurovision in the meantime.​
Oh wait so you're asking about the side theme song pick? It can be whichever song you want, just released before 2000 (and yes, one of the reasons why I mentioned that it is 'ineligible' in this contest is because it can be a song that has already competed).
Don't know why I thought you were referring to the vetoed song ff
Can the vacation song be ineligible because it has already appeared in the contest before? Fff
I... don't understand this.
Songs aren’t generally eligible to compete twice (outside of second chances)
That's why it should be considered an instant veto.
It was in context of the side theme question from Wowx4

It’d be hectic of me to ask such a question about the main round when submissions are closed fff

@Disco Blister
@If You Go
@Phonetics Girl
@Tiger Suit
@Untouchable Ace
@Up N Down

Sarah - Tokyo Town
Gigi on the Beach - Summer in the Street
JX - Close to Your Heart
Chattanooga - Hallå hela pressen
Lutricia McNeal - Fly Away
Echo & the Bunnymen - Get in the Car
Kikuchi Momoko - Adventure
Single Gun Theory - From a Million Miles
Sandy Marton - Exotic and Erotic
Martha's Vineyard - Old Beach Road
Monica Naranjo - Sólo se vive una vez
Matt Monro - On Days Like These
Musique - Summer Love
Models - Barbados
Fiona - Living in a Boy's World
MCL (Micro Chip League) - New York
Caroline Henderson - Made in Europe
Rebeca - Duro de pelar
Tight Fit - Secret Heart
Stephanie - Fleurs du mal
Squeeze - This Summer
Amii Stewart - Break These Chains
Cranes - Paris & Rome
Nina Hagen - Smack Jack
Berlin - The Metro
Momoe Yamaguchi - Playback Part 2
Alyssa Milano - Somewhere in Jamaica
Nek - Laura Non C'é (Dance Remix)
Lisa - Trans Oural Express

This is an @Up N Down co-hosted round so the song list is in no random order. In addition to that all the Youtube exclusive/partially available on Spotify songs are at the end of the list for the convenience of those who have to switch from Spofity to Youtube for some songs.

Nina Hagen - Smack Jack Unavailable in Australia
Berlin - The Metro Only available in Canada & US
Momoe Yamaguchi - Playback Part 2 Only available on Youtube
Alyssa Milano - Somewhere in Jamaica Only available on Youtube
Nek - Laura Non C'é (Dance Remix) Only available on Youtube
Lisa - Trans Oural Express Only available on Youtube


Have a nice Retro vacation everyone but don't forget to submit your votes to both @Up N Down and @Maki by May 27 in the last time zone. Happy listening!
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