PJ Retro 88: Endless Retro Vacation (Winner revealed!)

Looking forward to the avalanche of ballots arriving in the window of 48 hours.
Three days left to vote!
Still plenty of voters, probably enjoying the retro vacation, but I wonder where in the world are your votes?

@Disco Blister
@If You Go
@Untouchable Ace

Also a reminder to send your side theme picks - we only received a few of these.

I don't mind this *new* feeling of being tagged for my votes in RETRO! Let me keep it up and vote one hour before deadline so I can decide the fate of every song that goes on to beat mine! <333
14 ballots are in...


We have a new leader.

The song previously in the lead has now dropped out of the top5 oop.

Only one song still remains in the top3 since the previous update.

The top3 is very close.

Only one song has received as many as three 12s.

Only two songs are still on single digits.

Everyone can still win.

...and 15 ballots are still missing.