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While having more 'obvious' choices for this theme among my potentials (including at least three FL songs one of which has male vocals), I managed to submit the song I already had in mind in case this round was themeless. Lucky for once!


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If I really wanted to troll you all, I would send in the sonic monstrosity that is Baarish by Anu Malik, the chorus to whcih is half in English and half in Hindi:

Dekho baarish ho rahi hai
It’s raining, it’s raining, it’s raaaaining
Mera dil ro raha hai
My heart is paining, it’s paining, it’s paaaaaining

(“Dekho baarish ho rahi hai” translates to “Look, it’s raining” and “Mera dil ro raha hai” translates to “My heart is crying” so it’s not like the English lyrics are even an accurate translation.)



All right, I'm off to bed & currently out of weather puns that'd fit, so this is a last minute reminder that submissions are closing 8 hours from now! (~5:30am UK time)

A handful of songs still needs the veto panel's approval and I'm waiting for a couple of backups too, so the song list might be a bit delayed. I'm really happy with the turnout though and it's worth the wait.



All right gang, some of you really tried iT this round. The veto sheet might classify as another weather-related natural disaster at this point.

If you haven't received a PM from me, you're through! However, I'm waiting for two more replacement entries...

In the meantime, please enjoy... the vetoes (these don't include 2 submissions that will become eligible again in future rounds).



Way past the eligible page limit on PJ:

Acts that are too commercially successful overall (multiple top 10 albums and/or singles and such):

(Sun King also previously competed way back in PJOPS 20)