PJ Retro 97: Let's Get Physical: Winner crowned!


Welcome to PJ Retro 97 - we're going to get physical!

Yes, for this round, you can send a song that has a physical reference, preferably in its title or name of the act - but song lyrics are allowed, too.

- Sport terms (for instance: swimming, running, football, tennis, scoring, medals, winning, losing, etc.)
- Medical terms (for instance: doctor, fever, band aid, cure, blood, nurse, etc.)
- Body parts (for instance: ear, arm, leg, heart, stomach, etc.)
- And yes, sex, too

Some examples from previous rounds:

And: there is a bonus challenge! Send a song that was released on 7", 10" or 12" (so no album tracks or songs only released on cassette and/or cd). Like I mentioned, this is a bonus challenge, so not obligatory. To check your entry: Discogs

As Vanity said it best:

The usual rules apply, see below, with a slight tweak as of this round for pre-80's song (in bold italic):

General inclusion/exclusion criteria for entries:
  • must have been first released before January 1, 2000
  • no UK top 10 hits
  • no US top 10 hits
  • no covers or prominent samples of a UK or US top 10 hit OR was covered/prominently sampled in a song that was a UK or US top 10 hit
  • no songs (or covers of songs) that have competed in the Eurovision Song Contest
  • relatively unknown/underrated on Popjustice - so as a general benchmark, nothing from an artist with more than 25 pages of discussion on PJ (across all their artist threads)
  • no entry that has been previously entered in a previous round of PJSC, PJ Retro, PJ00s+ or PJXTra, incl covers of previous entries, or original versions of covers that were previously entered in any of the contests.
  • no song by an act that was entered in the previous round - this includes any related solo or group acts to an act that was entered in the previous round (ex. Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, in an alternate universe where either of them could actually pass the veto criteria)
Songs that fail these criteria should be vetoed by the round host. Songs that pass these criteria should be PMed to the veto panel for their decisions, with at least a 2/3 majority vote required for a song to be be included in the contest. A list of previously vetoed tracks can be found here

Criteria that will also be taken in consideration for veto purposes:
  • Song is from an album that peaked in the top 10 on the UK or US albums chart
  • Song is from a Platinum- or Gold-certified album in the UK or US
  • Song peaked between #11 and #20 on the UK or US singles chart
  • Song was a major hit in other big music markets and/or in multiple countries
  • Act has 15-24 pages of discussion on the forum
  • Song is by an act who had major success in the UK or US (some leniency towards 'flop releases' from acts whose major success was short-lived, and unsustained beyond 1980)
  • Act has been entered multiple times in this contest (see repeat artists guideline below)
Usually, if your song meets only one of these criteria, it should be fine, but there are exceptions of course.

Repeat artists guideline:
  • The same act (in any form - solo, group, featured, etc.) can be entered multiple times, but there is a maximum, based on 10% of the number of round there have been. For example: the Dolly Dots have participated five times thus far. If we were currently in round 55, they would not be eligible again until round 60. An act that has participated 8 times, would not become eligible until round 90, etc.
  • For the winner of each round, that artist cannot be entered again (in any form - solo, group, featured) for the subsequent NINE rounds

Voting rules:
  • You can award points to 10 entries per round. Award points ranging from 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 (with 12 points going to your favorite entry).
  • Only people who submitted a participating song can vote.
  • Entrants cannot vote for their own submission.
  • All entrants who fail to vote by the host's deadline will have their final scores be cut in half.
  • Do NOT disclose your participating song until the voting deadline is closed, and you disclosing which songs you did not enter is not encouraged. Please, do not (overly) hype or criticise participating acts or songs until the voting deadline has passed
  • Be nice and play fair

Dates & deadlines:
  • Submission deadline: 12th of February
  • Voting deadline: 27th of February
  • Results: 28th or 29th of February

Ready? Steady? JUMP!

While the veto panel is hard at work, I am pleased to tell everyone that it's REALLY getting physical on the song list! There are some references to sports/physical activities, and quite a few body references - and of course body parts - even some private parts... Naughty!

If you haven't submitted a song yet - there are about 48 hours left to do so.