PJ RETRO 99 - Finished!

Playlists may happen later? I basically never use Spotify but I could probably make that happen. Or maybe I just make an Apple Music playlist for my own selfish benefit? Hmm.

Also, my favorite team won the current season of HGTV's Rock The Block! To celebrate that, here is a not amazing picture of one of the bedrooms they did which was based on the Golden Girls.


I would have shared a picture of the "flamingo" bathroom they did complete with pink toilet and sink, but I couldn't find any kind of good photo for that through a simple search.
YouTube playlist

Definitely some familiar names but the songs generally seem quite obscure to me, I'm only familiar with two of the entries. One of them is a song I've loved since forever and which has been among my potentials for a long time, so that's an instant 12 there.
Couldn't make anything from the thumbnails and snippets but love to see all the FL representation! Makes me want to start listening right away.
I feel very @Maki by making this comment, but there isn't a whole lot I love so far ddd.
The way I went from sloth to snob. Though this may indicate I'll actually enjoy this round nn.

The Alexis link in the list goes to the Kids in the Kitchen song.
Yeah I noticed that while compiling the YouTube playlist, going to amend the link now since it seems that the shorter version is used.
I have listened in full and my soul is now empty, but have 15 tip top bops and will get to luxuriating in the raucous retro rackets over the next few days. Since I think there is quite the cluster of pointer potentials, I might need to cull some pretty decent and [redacted] attempts. Kind of in awe of some people's music collections - and in complete horror at others!
It’s basically ‘Chain Reaction’ with new vocals.
No, it isn't.

Again, I want to point out the rules we agreed on:
  • Do NOT disclose your participating song until the voting deadline is closed, and you disclosing which songs you did not enter is not encouraged. Please, do not (overly) hype or criticise participating acts or songs until the voting deadline has passed
  • Be nice and play fair