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PJ SOMG CHART RATE (September 2016-December 2017) - FIM

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    hello and welcome to the second annual



    Things you might ask me-
    what is a PopJustice chart?
    what is a "somg"?
    why are you so obsessed with the letter n?
    why all the horrific typography?
    is that Rita Ora dressed as a muppet?

    To which I will reply-
    only the worthy know.

    And by worthy I mean-
    people who answered our tags
    people who crunched their playcounts
    people who promo-ed new music
    people who didn't swerve voting
    something that takes LITERALLY TEN MINUTES TOPS

    If you did literally none of those things-
    your redemption starts now

    Each month, from September 2016 until December 2017, the beautiful people of PopJustice voted for their ten favourite songs. A lovely rotation of hosts created spreadsheets, crunched the numbers, messed up results, and entertained the masses while presenting the monthly PopJustice Chart. A chart we could call our own, one far away from the ravages of the tasteless "General Public." Only the elite have made it here, the top five songs from every month compiled into one beautiful playlist (plus one song that only made the yearly top 10).

    This year we're doing things differently. After hosting a big versus rate last summer I really don't have the time for people shitting on genres or artists they hate yet again. So instead participants will vote only for their favourite songs, leaving all of that specific negativity behind. This year, the worst you can do to a song is not vote for it. There are seventy two songs, so I am giving each voter THREE Eurovision style ballots to submit (or thirty songs). Why thirty? There were concerns that people wouldn't listen to all the songs, so this should hopefully encourage full listening schedules. I'm not going to be giving quizzes to determine if you actually listened to everything, but it is strongly recommended. And yes, you must use all thirty of your votes or your ballot will be disqualified. THESE RULES ARE NOT UP FOR DEBATE. I will not entertain any posts requesting a full rate, so don't waste your time typing up a dissertation. I'll just head off to do some yoga instead.

    Here is an example of what your ballot should look like-

    12 - 3 songs
    10 - 3 songs
    8 - 3 songs
    7 - 3 songs
    6 - 3 songs
    5 - 3 songs
    4 - 3 songs
    3 - 3 songs
    2 - 3 songs
    1 - 3 songs

    And now without further ado, the songlist-​

    after the afterparty (feat. lil yachty) | charli xcx
    ain't my fault | zara larsson
    all night | girls generation
    alterlife | rina sawayama
    anymore | goldfrapp

    anywhere | rita ora
    babe | hyuna
    backseat (feat. carly rae jepsen) | charli xcx
    blow your mind | dua lipa
    bon appetit (feat. migos) | katy perry

    boys | charli xcx
    chained to the rhythm (feat. skip marley) | katy perry
    cranes in the sky | solange
    crying on the bathroom floor | muna
    cut to the feeling | carly rae jepsen

    daddy lessons (feat. the dixie chicks) | beyoncé
    dancing in circles | lady gaga
    delicate | taylor swift
    disco tits | tove lo
    drew barrymore | sza

    eclipse | kim lip
    gashina | sunmi
    ghetto boy | tinashe
    girl front | odd eye circle
    green light | lorde

    hard times | paramore
    hero | george maple
    higher | carly rae jepsen
    humble | kendrick lamar
    i don't wanna live forever | taylor swift & zayn

    i know a place | muna
    ily2 | charli xcx
    it's okay to cry | sophie
    john wayne | lady gaga
    life's about to get good | shania twain

    likey | twice
    lip & hip | hyuna
    lipgloss (feat. cupcakke) | charli xcx
    lmk | kelela
    look what you made me do | taylor swift

    los ageless | st. vincent
    love | lana del rey
    lust for life (feat. the weeknd) | lana del rey
    new | yves
    new rules | dua lipa

    no more sad songs | little mix
    my money | serebro
    peek-a-boo | red velvet
    perfect illusion | lady gaga
    perfect places | lorde

    poor me | shania twain
    praying | kesha
    raingurl | yaeji
    ready for it? | taylor swift
    red flavor | red velvet

    say something loving | the xx
    scared of the dark | steps
    secrets | the weeknd
    shout out to my ex | little mix
    slumber party (feat. tinashe) | britney spears

    strangers | sigrid
    supercut | lorde
    swish swish (feat. nicki minaj) | katy perry
    that's so us | allie x
    the cure | lady gaga

    the louvre | lorde
    to the moon and back | fever ray
    told you so | paramore
    touch | little mix
    unlock it (feat. kim petras and jay park) | charli xcx

    verona | koit toome & laura
    woman (feat. the dap king horns) | kesha

    Spotify Playlist

    Voting Closes Friday, February 16th*

    *This rate is brought to you by the letter N and the number 72.
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    September 2016

    Blow Your Mind | Dua Lipa
    Higher | Carly Rae Jepsen
    Ain't My Fault | Zara Larsson
    That's So Us | Allie X
    Perfect Illusion | Lady Gaga

    October 2016
    Dancin' in Circles | Lady Gaga
    Cranes in the Sky | Solange
    Shout Out To My Ex | Little Mix
    John Wayne | Lady Gaga
    Perfect Illusion | Lady Gaga

    November 2016
    Daddy Lessons (feat. The Dixie Chicks) l Beyoncé
    Ghetto Boy l Tinashe
    After the Afterparty (feat. Lil Yachty) l Charli XCX
    No More Sad Songs l Little Mix
    Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe) l Britney Spears

    December 2016
    I Know a Place | Muna
    Touch | Little Mix
    Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe) | Britney Spears
    Secrets | The Weeknd
    I Don't Wanna Live Forever | Zayn & Taylor Swift

    January 2017
    My Money l Serebro
    Crying on the Bathroom Floor l Muna
    Drew Barrymore l SZA
    Say Something Loving l The XX
    Anymore l Goldfrapp

    February 2017
    John Wayne | Lady Gaga
    Crying on the Bathroom Floor | Muna
    I Know A Place | Muna
    Love | Lana Del Rey
    Chained to the Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley) | Katy Perry

    March 2017
    Lipgloss (feat. Cupcakke) | Charli XCX
    ILY2 | Charli XCX
    Chained to the Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley) | Katy Perry
    Scared of the Dark | Steps
    Green Light | Lorde

    April 2017
    Green Light | Lorde
    Humble | Kendrick Lamar
    Hard Times | Paramore
    Lust For Life (feat. The Weeknd) | Lana Del Rey
    The Cure | Lady Gaga

    May 2017
    Told You So | Paramore
    Verona | Koit Toome & Laura
    Bon Appetit (feat. Migos) | Katy Perry
    Swish Swish (feat. Nicki Minaj) | Katy Perry
    Cut to the Feeling | Carly Rae Jepsen

    June 2017
    Supercut | Lorde
    Perfect Places | Lorde
    Cut to the Feeling | Carly Rae Jepsen
    The Louvre | Lorde
    Life's About To Get Good | Shania Twain

    July 2017
    Poor Me | Shania Twain
    Woman (feat. The Dap King Horns) | Kesha
    New Rules | Dua Lipa
    Red Flavor | Red Velvet
    Praying | Kesha

    August 2017
    Look What You Made Me Do | Taylor Swift
    All Night | Girls Generation
    Boys | Charli XCX
    Gashina | Sunmi
    LMK | Kelela

    September 2017
    ...Ready For It? | Taylor Swift
    Disco Tits | Tove Lo
    Los Ageless | St. Vincent
    Babe | Hyuna
    Girl Front | OEC

    October 2017
    Likey | Twice
    To The Moon and Back | Fever Ray
    It's Okay to Cry | SOPHIE
    Hero | George Maple
    Anywhere | Rita Ora

    November 2017
    Raingurl | Yaeji
    Delicate | Taylor Swift
    Anywhere | Rita Ora
    Peek-A-Boo | Red Velvet
    Alterlife | Rina Sawayama

    December 2017
    Strangers | Sigrid
    Backseat (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen) | Charli XCX
    New | Yves
    Unlock It (feat. Kim Petras & Jay Park) | Charli XCX
    Lip & Hip | Hyuna

    Eclipse | Kim Lip
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  3. Reserved for more song spotlights.
  4. Reserved for more song spotlights.
  5. Looking through the other personal charts threads seemed scary.
    But now that I am familiar with the PJSC style of voting this is a more approachable way to do it.

    It should be fun.
  6. Yasssssss.
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  7. I usually hate lowercased lists, but in this case, it's like badass.
  8. I’ll be hunting people down starting tomorow. I also hope to post more about the individual songs as the week goes on, give them a spotlight etc.

    If someone wanted to compile a Spotify playlist I wouldn’t complain though.
  9. [​IMG]

  10. And @Sanctuary is our first voter. Guess I gotta make a spreadsheet now.
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  11. This voting system should be... interesting. Having your fave potentially get like ten times less points than the winner seems worse than having it lose by 2 or 3 points out of 10.

    (Not asking for it to be changed, just making an observation.)
  12. It’s not really about that. I know from personal experience and have been told by others how discouraging it is to see people just hand out low scores to certain genres that don’t have a lot of support on PJ. Then it becomes a big debate and mess.

    I’d rather just have people vote for their faves and not have to worry about someone giving out all zeros to k-pop or songs with raps in them or anything too weird/indie or too teen pop, etc.

    And to be clear, I wasn’t asking for observations either.
  13. @Alouder98 did make this Spotify playlist a while ago but I haven’t checked if it’s up to date.
  14. Hmm... OK then.
  15. It is. The only song the playlist misses is Likey by TWICE which is not available on Spotify.
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  16. Thank you!
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    doing this now xxx
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