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PJ Song Contests Schedule Hub - PJSC, PJ Retro, PJ00s

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mina, Apr 7, 2018.

  2. @Mina my love, it looks like all three contests need updating on the first post. I wonder when @iheartpoptarts is opening the next PJOPS round...

    Me at the 'Create New Conversation' option:

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  3. Done! (Except I couldn't easily find the key PJSC dates in @imaduck 's first few posts...so if you want to update those, I can update the first post.)

    Sorry for the delay! It's been one of those days weeks months years.

  4. Dates
    Submission Ends 2nd Jan 11:59pm
    Voting Ends 25th Jan 11:59pm
    Reveal 26/27th
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  5. That would have been yesterday, but the thread says submissions are still open?
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  6. 12th

    Sorry, I have the dumb
  7. I had a thought that got me salivating! Imagine us running a Song Contest where PJ Presence doesn't matter (excluding ridiculously big names like Madonna, Mariah, Kylie etc) and we can submit songs that were flops, no matter who it's from!

    A Nicola Roberts vs Mutya Buena vs Siobhan Donaghy vs Sky Ferreira vs Ladyhawke vs Mylene Farmer round would END me! A fever dream!
  8. Wasn't that the pj favourites rate?
  9. Kinda I guess :)

    I was thinking something more with a Song Contest (Eurovision) structure this time around though...
  10. Maybe that's an idea for the next rate you run?
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  11. Next level shade right here.
  12. Congratulations on joining the double crown club, @DJHazey!

    I've updated my post on page 1 of the triple and double crown winners - are there any I've forgotten? (No shade intended - I honestly don't keep track of PJSC and PJOPS winners so I may have missed folks who have won those.) Please feel free to tag me to update this!
  13. I've updated the currently-running contest rounds on the first post. I've also added links to countdowns (courtesy of tickcounter's website) for voting deadlines for PJ00s and PJOPS (@2014, I presume all your round's deadlines are UK time? I can add a voting countdown for your round too if you'd like).
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  14. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    They are xx And if that's ok that would be perfect! (sorry only just seen this!)

    [even though there's like 5 days left but still]
  15. Congratulations on joining the double crown club, @Jeffo!
  16. Congratulations on joining the double crown club, @CasuallyCrazed!

    Also, looking at our list of double crown club members:

    The vast majority have won their double crowns by winning PJSC + PJOPS since those two contests have been around the longest, @CasuallyCrazed, @DJHazey, and @Filippa are the the only ones so far who have pulled off the PJ00s-PJOPS hat trick, and @Jeffo is the only one who's done it with a PJSC + PJ00s win.

    Any guesses as to who our next triple crown winner be?
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  17. Who do I sleep with to get my name here? Dddd

    I certainly won't be making it on merit!
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  18. And I certainly won't be making it because I only do one song contest, dddd. Why did I offer to maintain this organizational thread to begin with?
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  19. Imagine what will happen if @imaduck and @Derek start winning rounds of PJ00s as well...
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