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PJ Song Contests Schedule Hub - PJSC, PJ Retro, PJ00s

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mina, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. I am surprised it has not happened yet. Same with @KamikazeHeart
  2. @Hudweiser and/or @Jeffo are my picks for current double crown winners who I think are most likely to win a triple crown one of these days. @Hudweiser is just missing a PJ00s win, which he's come close to multiple times (not counting the time his original entry was picked by @londonrain in the second chances round and ended up winning), and @Jeffo is just missing a PJOPS win, which he's also come close to multiple times already.
  3. upload_2019-3-12_22-4-27.jpeg
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  5. I think you'll find there's only one person who's pulled off a hat trick here.

    hat trick
    noun UK /ˈhæt ˌtrɪk/ US /ˈhæt ˌtrɪk/
    an occasion when a player scores three times in the same game, especially in football, or when someone is successful at achieving something three times:

    Goal! Fowler makes it a hat trick!
    After two election victories the government clearly has hopes of a hat trick.
  6. Current assignments have been updated (finally).

    Impressed that @imaduck is tackling both PJ00s and PJSC at once.

  7. While I remember, I will reveal on the 10th! I'm out on the Saturday.
  8. It's 2019 Stats time again. I'll post it here since @imaduck is thinking about other things and @imaboyfriend for now.
    Here is last month's for comparison if you'd like to look at your own peaks and valleys:



    I can't believe I entered my own valley and now i'm out of the top 10.
    Well done to the many users for new PBs in round 77.
    Especially @iheartpoptarts, @berserkboi, @Zar-Unity, @llamadelrey (overall top 10 with only 3 songs), @Tiger Suit, @ufint (better result than your gold) and @imaduck who is around 150 points away from the usual 100 point average. Also newbie @Coming Century.

    How has no one had 3 top 10s?

    We're at 50 users now which is something.
  9. The power of L'Imperatrice making me rise like that - wow!!

    I doubt I'll be able to maintain a Top 20 placement so will just enjoy this moment a bitsy... thanks for taking the time to do this, @Untouchable Ace !! :D
  10. Stats like these really do clear my pores and replenish my electrolyes. Thanks @Untouchable Ace, you're a gem.
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  11. Even though the musical styles would totally clash, it'd be interesting to see a rate (or at least a playlist) of songs that finished in medal positions and/or received over 100 points in PJSC, PJRetro-the-contest-formerly-known-as-PJOPS, and PJ00s. Sort of like how @ohnostalgia is doing for the monthly PJ charts by bringing back the songs that finished in the top 5 every month for the entire calendar year. I know there's a PJSC winner's rate going on (and there has been at least one PJOPS winner's rate, right?), but it'd be nice to do something to bring the songs y'all have voted as the best from every contest together somehow.
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  12. Well, there are playlists for the medalists for PJ00s and PJSC. Has anyone find one for PJOPS? Someone just needs to combine them if so...

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  13. Current assignments and links have been updated in the first post.

    In honor of Mother's Day in parts of the world today, here's a look at our teenaged PJ00s (aged 16 rounds), our middle-aged but recently invigorated PJOPS PJ Retro (still looking fresh-faced 46 rounds on), and our wise but youthful matriarch at 78 rounds, PJSC.

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