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PJ Song Contests Schedule Hub - PJSC, PJOPS, PJ00s

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mina, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. Oh, sorry - I wasn't thinking and I forgot you were including 3rd places.

    In that case maybe do it in two parts, as @Untouchable Ace suggested. Perhaps the 2nd places could be one rate and the 3rd places could be another?
  2. Now that you have a few more songs to add, what are your thoughts on the would have been top 3 finishers?

    We can appreciate Jones in your rate.
    There was also that other song that would have won a round of PJSC with the most points ever...
  3. Eh, my crap result has me uninspired. Stockholm Noir are good. We’ll see after my Scandipop rate.
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  4. With @londonrain 's win in PJSC 65, we have our first PJSC/PJOPS/PJ00s triple crown winner!

    I've updated page 1 with a list of triple and double crown winners. If I've missed anyone or gotten any of the contest wins incorrect, please let me know!

    Could we have our second triple crown winner this weekend when PJ00s 6 wraps? Folks who could potentially complete their triple crown with a PJ00s win this weekend:

    @2014 (PJOPS 28, PJSC 53)
    @Hudweiser (PJOPS 1, PJSC 50)
    @iheartpoptarts (PJSC 37, PJOPS 34)
    @KamikazeHeart (PJOPS 7, PJSC 31)
    @Sprockrooster (PJOPS 23, PJSC 51)
    @WowWowWowWow (PJOPS 2, PJSC 27)
  5. Hey guys! So as the reigning winner of the PJSC Second Chances Round, I am responsible for hosting the next round. When would be a good time to post the thread?
  6. The key thing is not to directly conflict with the next round of PJSC while placing less emphasis on conflict with PJOPS and PJ00s, right? I'm not sure if the PJSC 66 hosting assignment has been finalized yet or when that's due to start. Some possible scenarios, once you and the PJSC host can coordinate:

    - PJSC second chances round opens in the next few days (if that works for you) while the regular PJSC 66 opens a week or so into May, but such that it can still finish by the end of May. You could close your submission period once the regular PJSC opens theirs, and do your reveals sometime before the regular PJSC does theirs.

    - Vice versa, if the opening of the next regular PJSC contest is imminent.

    For what it's worth, I'm guessing the next PJ00s should open in the first week of May and finish around the end of May/beginning of June, and the current PJOPS round may wrap around early- to mid-June, but I wouldn't worry too much about them.
  7. Whenever you want, I am so excited for the quarter quell!
  8. With Second Chances, I'd say the timing of the submissions is less of an issue since people are sending in songs they already know and there are no vetoes to do. It shouldn't take much time from anyone but the host, so go with what's convenient for you!

    And then eventually set a voting deadline that's not too close to the PJSC so nobody dies of sleeplessness, the end.
  9. @CorgiCorgiCorgi, would it work for you to open the Second Chance round in the next few days? I won't be able to open the new PJSC round until May 6 anyway (as I'm away until then and will only have mobile access).

    I'm not sure if that screws up the PJSC timeline, though.

    @Derek, is there a set deadline for the rounds to open and close? I could probably aim to close voting on the 27th and then do reveals on the 28th, or I could delay the closing of the round until later if that's better for everyone.
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  10. Traditionally, the timeline for PJSC is roughly to have the thread open around the last Friday of the month, with submissions open for a week or so and voting for ~2 weeks. Based on how the May/June calendar looks, though, I think the timeline you mentioned would be fine. And that could give a good window for the second-chance round were it to open soon!
  11. Okay. Could you send me the hosting instructions for PJSC (and the latest version of the PJSC spreadsheet)?

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  12. And @CorgiCorgiCorgi, once you've figured out your timeline for the special edition round, I'm happy to update the first post to include this info too.
  13. Is this runner up thing only for PJSC or does it cover the other contests too?
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  14. Presumably only for PJSC (since the last special edition round was PJSC only), unless @CorgiCorgiCorgi wants to open it up to other contests as well!
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  15. Sure! I'll open it either tomorrow or Saturday.

    Oh that might be fun! But I worry that the PJOPS/PJ00s songs would get decimated...
  16. I would love it if PJOPS had its own Second Chance contest sometime!

    (PJ00s can wait a while, obvs)
  17. I'm sure that could be arranged, especially since PJOPS is running on a more relaxed schedule these days. If someone volunteers to host, I'm sure they could work their way into the schedule without too much difficulty (maybe after the special edition of PJSC wraps, so there aren't five contests running simultaneously)!
  18. I believe @imaduck usually makes the google doc sheets and sends them to the host. I think there's also a blank spreadsheet floating around in a google doc somewhere, but I can't seem to find it at the moment!
  19. Yeah, @imaduck will send an awesome PM with everything you need when it's time!

    @londonrain - you might wanna PM him and give him the heads up re: your start date!
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