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PJ TWENTY QUID RATE: Part One (2003-2007): The Winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost In Japan., Feb 21, 2022.

  1. Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) is my favourite thing either Sophie or the Freemasons have ever done. It should definitely have been nominated.
  2. Love Sophie, but Catch You has never been a top favourite. I agree with the people who mentioned that she should have had more nominations.

    I remember how Sophie was the only new artist my mum liked when her “all modern music is atrocious” era kicked into full gear around the time of Murder On The Dancefloor, hehe!
  3. Half of Make a Scene should have been nominee for all prizes.
  4. Is this because they only wanted one era from an artist represented, so once 'Catch You' was nominated, it disqualified the rest of the album?

    Peter might have made an exception for Girls Aloud with 'The Show' and 'Wake Me Up' though.
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  5. There are a few other examples of this - most recently Dua having 'Levitating' nominated this year and 'Physical' the year before, but others like Rachel Stevens, Years & Years, Hurts, Tinchy Stryder (!) and Little Boots have also had multiple singles from the same album era shortlisted.

    Also - sorry everyone, I had hoped to do another elimination tonight but I am off on holiday tomorrow and left packing too late. I won't be able to do any cuts while I'm away so I'll pick up when I'm back on Sunday. At which point, we have another tie, and one half of the tie will answer this question:
  6. Catch You - 10. Happy this made the Top 20 as I wasn't sure at one point. Love the grittier, almost nu wave, Blondie-esque sound she went for with this. Trip The Light Fantastic deserved more success with its singles.

    Agree that Sophie deserved more Twenty Quid Prize nominations. I'm sure that Murder On The Dancefloor would have been nominated if the prize had existed then.
  7. I'll be in suspense all week. Enjoy your holiday @Lost In Japan.
  8. Mini Viva got three nominations in 2010. But then they didn't even get a full album out so it might be like the Madden cover curse.
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  9. Let's get this going again shall we...

    I should have stayed on holiday.

    Rachel Stevens - Sweet Dreams My LA Ex (2004)
    Average Score: 8.625
    Highest Score:
    10x12 (@soratami, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @-SNS-, @DJHazey, @Conan, @Untouchable Ace, @Robsolete, @Kyle., @Wild Man., @Remorque, @MilesAngel, @Lost In Japan.)
    Lowest Score: 2x1 (@Hurricane Drunk)
    My Score: 10
    The first of the Popjustice mid-00s “Big Three” to lose a song is Rachel, as the first part of a tie at #17, and not the song of hers most of you have been calling for! I’m shocked, I had this pegged for top 10 at LEAST. I still remember hearing it for the first time, I would have stanned anything she did as an S Club fan but for her to come out with something so cool, so brilliant, that it blew everything her band released out of the water?! A pop gem.

    Written by Cathy Dennis, Henrik Jonback and Bloodshy & Avant (the same team behind Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’, and produced by the latter, ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ famously started life as a demo for Britney called ‘Phony Lullaby’ (which leaked recently), written in response to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me a River’. After Britney turned it down as she didn’t want to release a direct response song, the track eventually landed with Rachel Stevens, fresh out of her stint as one-seventh of S Club 7. Rachel’s solo tracks in S Club 7 (like the single ‘Natural’ and album fan favourite ‘Show Me Your Colours’) had always had an edge of “cool” and ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ is a logical progression, although moving away from R&B-tinged bubblegum to forward-thinking electropop.

    The public agreed, and ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ charted at #2, held off by The Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Where is the Love?’. The song’s music video, which iconically features Rachel tied up in red ribbons by her dancers, was also in heavy rotation on music channels at the time. In addition to chart success, ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ was nominated for a BRIT Award for Best British Single (an award Rachel had won with S Club 7) but lost to Dido - insert Amy Winehouse clip here - and for the Record of the Year award, which it lost to Westlife’s ‘Mandy’. It wasn’t able to seize the Twenty Quid Music Prize either, as Rachel (one of only three acts to have multiple songs nominated in one year in the prize’s history) knocked herself out of the running in the first round with ‘Some Girls’, which went on to win that year’s prize.

    ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ was followed two weeks later with the release of Rachel’s debut album Funky Dory, with other highlights including the Bowie-sampling title track and mooted single ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’, but the best was yet to come two years later with the release of Come and Get It, one of the greatest pop albums of all time. However, ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ was what showed the world Rachel was capable of that level of pop greatness, and established her as a fav among discerning gays.

    ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ got an outing during Rachel’s solo slot on S Club 7’s reunion tour, complete with ribbon-wielding dancers.

    @Phonetics Girl
    (4): what do you mean she had a career before Come And Get It? I pretend I do not see it

    @Uno (5.5): I know I'm in the heavy minority here, but I really don't think this is a great song. It's highkey the worst single she's released.

    @berserkboi (7.5): Sadly this passes me by for the most part!

    @Sally_Harper (8): The ribbon routine in the video is still excellent and the song is pretty good too!

    @saviodxl (9): I prefer this to 'Some Girls'. It's the acoustic guitar for me.

    @Kyle. (10): Queen

    @DJHazey (10): As much as I love “Some Girls” I’d actually say this is a better song. (Don’t worry they’re both 10’s with reason!) Rachel turned the attitude up to its limits on this one.” Some Girls” flirts with you, while “Sweet Dreams My LA Ex” is her digging her claws into you if you fuck up. Kill me, queen!

  10. Not gonna lie - I am pleasantly surprised this is the first Rachel song to go!
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  11. I still like it a lot, but I don’t think the production has aged brilliantly, which you run the risk of with Bloodshy, and almost twenty years later, I can admit maybe Rachel lacks the bite to really sell the lyrics. It’s a bop though, of course!
  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    This was the pop music moment of last year
  13. [​IMG]
    Goldfrapp - Ooh La La (2005)
    Average Score: 8.625
    Highest Score:
    11x1 (@2014), 10x8 (@soratami, @WowWowWowWow, @Sprockrooster, @berserkboi, @Sally_Harper, @Untouchable Ace, @Kyle., @Hurricane Drunk)
    Lowest Score: 4.5x1 (@Aester), 5x1 (@SuperNerd)
    My Score: 9​

    Also leaving at #17 is ‘Ooh La La’, the second of two Goldfrapp singles (and two singles from their album Supernature) in the rate. ‘Ooh La La’ was released as the lead single from Supernature in August 2005 and became a critical and commercial success; it peaked at #4 in the UK, Goldfrapp’s highest charting single to date, and became a third consecutive #1 for Goldfrapp on the US Hot Dance Club Play Chart, following on from the success of previous eliminee ‘Number 1’.

    ‘Ooh La La’ contains a sample of the 1969 song ‘Spirit in the Sky’, which was a #1 hit in the UK and a top 3 in the US for Norman Greenbaum, and is notably one of the highest-selling one-hit wonders of all time. It was also memorably covered in 2003 by Gareth Gates, featuring TV family The Kumars, for Comic Relief (the cover version is one of my few songs that I’d actually call a “guilty pleasure”).

    A throbbing, synthy stomper, I remember ‘Ooh La La’ feeling like the coolest song ever when it came out, and Alison Goldfrapp being the coolest person on the planet. It wears its influences on its sleeve and is inspired by Marc Bolan and T-Rex. For that reason, ’Ooh La La’ feels to me like the natural successor to ‘Strict Machine’, which was the glam-rock inspired second single from Goldfrapp’s previous album Black Cherry. ‘Strict Machine’ was an influence on Richard X and Rachel Stevens’ Twenty Quid-winning track ‘Some Girls’ and, in a full circle moment, ‘Ooh La La’ was then compared to that track on release. Alison Goldfrapp was less than pleased with this, calling that song “very bland” - though Popjustice obviously disagree!

    And the band didn't have any luck coming up against Rachel in the Twenty Quid voting in 2005, as ‘Ooh La La’ became the seventh song voted out, in a head to head with ‘Negotiate with Love’.

    ‘Ooh La La’ was nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 2007 Grammy Awards, though lost out to Justin Timberlake’s ‘SexyBack’. Also nominated in that category were Madonna with ‘Get Together’, and the Pet Shop Boys for ‘I'm With Stupid’. Talent! It was also ranked by Rolling Stone as the tenth best song of 2006.

  14. At 8.5 Ooh La La is my last song below a 9. Fabulous vocals and backing track, but the chorus lets it down slightly for me. Strict Machine is a 10.
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  15. Sweet Dreams being out before top 15 is sick and disgusting. Some of you don't deserve Queenchel.
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  16. What in the goddamn motherfucking hell
  17. I completely missed this elimination earlier because I started scrolling from the bottom of the page. Some girls deserve nightmares for giving this a low score, and I won't negotiate.
  18. I'm sorry, did someone actually say Sweet Dreams was Rachel's worst single? As in, worse than More More More? Good grief.
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  19. No big loss for either of the two tracks. I, unfortunately, didn't get swept away by Rachel Stevens' other noms, besides Some Girls, S Club 7 included, don't forget.

    Also, I didn't know there was a sample of Spirit in the Sky included, but now I sing Ooh La La just in my head, I notice the first notes of Spirit in the Sky's chorus looping. Fascinating.
  20. That peace and serenity I feel this morning is me looking at this score and knowing any 'crimes' I committed against her favorites in this rate are all washed away.
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