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PJ00s 13: Super Smash Sisters Ultimate - Reveals Complete!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by CasuallyCrazed, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. There's also a couple of people who are likely to be above me on the leaderboard - so whatever you can do to have them NOT vote and have their points halved, go ahead! :P
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  2. The gag is that I send the PM and then miraculously make the original deadline with an hour or 2 to spare.

    @Mina found scheduling.
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  3. Penciling in @Island 's announcement that he's (finally) voted this round for...Friday at 10:42 PM Eastern time.

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  4. This is also the first month where I'm in all three song contests. All these deadlines.

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  6. (How did no one try Jordin for this round?? Obvious veto tracks aside)

    Edit - all albums for timeframe US Top 10, never mind!
  7. You will have my ballot in time. Thanks for reminding me!
  8. This contest feels like it's been going for about 4 months.

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  10. Round Round is right there.
  11. She's way over the discussion limit!
  12. Leaving that up to them. I'm having all the reveal stats ready to go.
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  13. A shame! Perfection to add to our many Idols this round!

    Would live for a twist of @CasuallyCrazed randomly picking the AEST time zone to do the reveal in!
  14. Just realized I probably could've gotten away with this incredible mid-2000s bop.

  15. This round was agonizing. The fact that I had to send in my ballot with one of these songs getting just 6 points instead of the 9 million it merited...
  16. Me trying to finalize my ballot

  17. I thought there was more 'correct artist, incorrect song' than usual.
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  18. I felt this for quite a few this round. I was like "what a waste!!!"
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