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PJ00s 15 - The Obscure Noughties Song Contest - DONE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Apr 13, 2019.

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  2. I for one welcome our new K-Pop overlord. Congrats @Oleander!
  3. THANK YOU @ComeOnGloria, @əʊæ and @Derek for the 12s. Amazing people.

    And @WowWowWowWow, @saviodxl, @Mina, @Sprockrooster, @2014, @CasuallyCrazed, @berserkboi, @WoW73, @Oleander, @Music Is Life... Thank you so much everyone for the points. Love y'all. (I think I got everyone, apologies if I missed anyone.)

    My best ever PJ00s result, not too shabby at all, especially after the disaster I had last round.

    Thank you for hosting @imaduck, and congratulations to @Oleander (congrats but also choke.)

    And @Filippa, for what it's worth, I will indeed blame you for my losing!!
  4. Congratulations @Oleander! Well done! I really like your song.

    So sad @Robsolete. I hope I can make it up to you.

    Thank you @imaduck!
  5. 12 points in the next round should do the trick!
  6. Inside The Hollow is an incredible album.

    Turpentine and Stay were always my favorites
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  7. I know this one, it was written with Linda Perry. Great song!
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  8. Tasha-Ray Evin always gave me Carly Rae-Jepsen's long lost sister vibes

  9. The Tiny Crown is mine!!!

    Thank you @One Stop Candy Shop, @Oleander, @popknark2, and @Maki, I couldn't have done this without you (well, technically maths says I could've, but #phuckyomaths!) And I still got 3 more points than last round, whew! Part of me wants to see if I can keep up this streak, and part of me wants to stop bottom10-ing, so that's something for me to ponder! (who am I kidding I'm gonna bottom anyway)

    Thanks for this amazing round @imaduck and congratulations @Oleander. I'd probably have voted for It's Amazing with 2019 ears. Alas, it's too tangled up in soundtracking my childhood traumas. It used to be on the radio every. goddamn. morning like for a year and I would get morning sickness out of anxiety of having to get up for school. I'm sure it was also in some commercials at the time! And at least one soap opera, but that might be just a fake repressed memory, so don't bookmark me. Thank you for listening to my sob story!
  10. This is aging myself, but Tomorrow was one of those Defining Songs™ of my high school years, alongside:

    - Kelly Clarkson's Behind These Hazel Eyes // the whole Breakaway album
    - Evanescence's Bring Me to Life and My Immortal // the whole Fallen album
    - Avril's My Happy Ending // the whole Under My Skin album
    - Green Day's Wake Me Up When September Ends, Boulevard of Broken Dreams // the whole American Idiot album
    - Delta Goodrem's whole Mistaken Identity album

    (Basically, angsty adult Mina is not that much different from angsty teenage Mina)

    So thank you all for including so many of those acts/songs in the legends side theme and giving me conniptions over what to vote for.
  11. I'm on my phone so I can't check everyone that easily, so thanks for the votes for Nikki and congrats @Robsolete and @Oleander
    Great hosting as usual @imaduck
  12. Congrats @Oleander and thanks a mill for hosting @imaduck! Great round.

    And big thanks to everyone that threw some points my way for Miss Lydia! Just missed the top 20 again, but seeing as Lydia just missed the top 24 when she auditioned for Australian Idol a few years after One Perfect Day, we must celebrate the little victories.
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  13. What a round!

    I'm not trying to be daft when I say I really thought I'd be near the bottom. A moody piano ballad that is a hidden track by a forgotten 00's post-grunge band, did not seem like the formula that would lead to my highest placing on the PJ00s. I love randomness! Thanks for all those gave it some points.

    So happy for @Oleander . I gave my Jem my 10 & in another round, would've easily given her my 12. I just love Lillix too much. They are representing on PJ lately! My Louise Burns song finished 8th in the PJSC & @Mina pulled out a 7th here. (Sign me for that discog rate if it happens, by the way.)

    Wonderful job hosting & organizing everything @imaduck ... including the great sub-theme were Nelly went to the final 4.
  14. Thanks to @livefrommelbs for the 12!
    @saviodxl no it's not monrose, but they DID cover "Hot summer" which Monrose did more famously
    @DJHazey cheers for the 10!
    You three had me hoping I would do well.
    Thanks @Sprockrooster , @OspreyQueen and @iheartpoptarts for the rest of my points!

    Shout out to @pop3blow2 for voting similarly to me - great minds think alike, and we helped propel Jem to glory!

    My entry - Stonefoxx were a failed girl group. Back in 2007, places like this forum were excited about the post-Saturdays crop of girl groups, and a few people from here went to the industry showcase they did. This was after they'd supported Shane Ward on tour as Louis Walsh thought they'd make a good warmup act.

    Sadly, they never did get far. If you ever see their BBC interview, it ironically ends with them singing "We're not going no further", which ended up prophetic.
    MySpace wiped all music more than three years old recently, so I can't point you to their greatest glory, a song by Shaznay Lewis. If that was on the internet in better than potato quality, I would have entered it. As it is, if I ever find the album sampler I may upload it myself.

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  15. Oh hey, their choreographer was Glenn Ball, formerly of POP! and now of Instagram


    Stonefoxx was another act on my potentials list, @unnameable! Their EP (or at least whatever I've saved on my computer and called their EP) is quite good:

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  16. A little disappointed The Presets didn't do better (not even a third of the points This Boy's In Love accumulated - CiaraDiminishingReturns.gif) as I sometimes like Talk Like That even more than their PJ00s winner but it is what it is.

    Sorry I was unable to get up and stay up for reveals, I was just too drained from the previous day. Thanks especially to @Untouchable Ace , @HarryEzra for their 12s, and @livefrommelbs for that 8!! Everyone else who voted for me, I really appreciate you all giving me that extra 12 points between you :) You Support Other Women.gif!!!

    Apocalypso is THE Noughties Australian Dance Album - check it out if you can:

    Expect The Presets to appear in another ballot of mine #soon!
  17. So... who was the problematic act this round after all? Or will that become another PJ00s unsolved mystery?
  18. Oh yeah, I forgot to add.

    Several artists got swiped from my potentials list, but as such got a lot points from me.
    • Nikki Cleary
    • Katy Rose
    • & Cheyenne Kimball
    The two artists I gave my 12 & 10 to (Lillix & Jem) I oddly never really considered entering, even though I love them! My brain just assumed they were 'too big', but in reality neither were ever really super big stars. Just comparatively to some of the acts here, their success made them seem potentially veto worthy... so I avoided adding them to my shortlist. (That's as much my brain probably bloating their importance because I love them, than them really being 'too big'). Regardless, I'm happy they did well.
  19. [​IMG]

    The list expands exponentially every round - so many unanswered questions like:

    - why did @tylerc904 leave, then come back again, then leave us again?!
    - why didn't @One Stop Candy Shop vote for his prior PJ00s-winning act Aurora again this round - was he secretly bitter that someone else had entered it? Or did he just not like the song?
    - how do some of our teenaged/early-20-something participants like @Island have such encyclopedic '00s music taste that rivals or bests that of our older crowd?!
    - why does @Mina get worse and worse at hosting every subsequent round she hosts?
  20. Also

    - What REALLY happened to the Tiny Awards?
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