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PJ00s 15 - The Obscure Noughties Song Contest - DONE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. I voted for Evanescence (and was sure it was @Mina who sent them), but am so glad that Sugababes won.
    Congrats, @Mina!
  2. This round of PJ00 got away from me, as I got too busy with other obligations like
    finishing my votes for the Mandy Moore rate, but I have some good selections in mind for the next round.
    I did go over the list later but I didn't really seem to find anything special from this round
    worth mentioning. The one artist I discovered that I really liked turned out to unfortunately
    only have one song released before she was axed by the music industry.

    Also it's funny that imaduck won last round with a very obvious great song by Amy Diamond,
    when I have been wanting and thinking about submitting one of her songs to PJ00 for a
    while now but never ended up acting on it. I feel like imaduck made a Zar-Unity move on me
    out of nowhere, as who knew that imaduck was a Amy Diamond fan? Great win! Great to see one
    of her songs win finally in PJ00, and as such, I felt like some of my future work was done so it was
    time to sit one round out. Does that make any sense? Okay it made sense when I first typed it.

    Also you guys just don't understand that I am still completely shocked and obsessed with my last
    big PJ00 artist discovery, Sweetbox thanks to Island! What an incredible pop group and amazing singer
    Jade Villaton is! Her voice was made for pop and I have fell in love with it.

    I mean how amazing is this??

    Another amazing song from their Jade album. This band is too much for me and I'm still in
    pleasure shock. So you can also understand if I had to sit one round out just to focus more
    on my Sweetbox obsession.

    Thanks for asking @londonrain !
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Mandy & I appreciate your commitment to the cause.

  5. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    good grief!
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  6. Is that something that Charlie Brown used to say? Hey your entry was amazing!
    Way to bring a funky teen pop banger! Your song deserved better!

    Also StoneFoxx is quite a cool name for a girl group, I must say!
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  7. And from @Maki 's post:

    I kind of want to know which songs these were about now.
  8. Mine was from Nemesis Rising, I had no idea who they were, but the comment is hilarious for sure.
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  9. I looked them up and their TV show about breaking into the music industry (didn't The Saturdays learn from this?) was called Nemesis Rising and the group was called Nemesis. They're not even successful enough for people to have noticed.

    I'm disappointed in their placement 'Number On In Heaven' is underrated.
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  10. Mine was from the EliZe video.


    That’s literally as revealing as her outfits get in that video, though, so I don’t know what the commenter was on about...
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  11. Scoreboard with places
    1 // Jem - It's Amazing // Oleander 110
    2 // Aurora- Dreaming // Robsolete 106
    3 // Sweet Coffee - Zanna // CorgiCorgiCorgi 93
    4 // Katy Rose - Overdrive // soratami 92
    5 // Gathania - Spinning // WowWowWowWow 90
    6 // Cheyenne Kimball - Hanging On // Music Is Life 82
    7 // Lillix - It's About Time // Mina 79
    8 // Katrina Elam - No End In Sight // londonrain 77
    9 // Velvet - In and Out of Love // Hudweiser 76
    9 // Music Go Music - Light Of Love // popknark2 76
    9 // Rimini Project - I call the Sun // eric 76
    12 // Miami Horror - Sometimes // Untouchable Ace 70
    13 // Nikki Cleary - Irresistible // saviodxl 66
    14 // Dynamite Hack - Anyway (Mellow Version) - track 13 // pop3blow2 64
    15 // EliZe - Into Your System // Sprockrooster 63
    16 // Mónica Naranjo - Europa (Radio Edit) // Derek 58
    17 // Globe - Many Classic Moments // One Stop Candy Shop 56
    18 // Marsheaux - Hanging On // OspreyQueen 55
    19 // Jelena Tomašević - Okeani // Maki 53
    20 // Sophie Monk - Don't Push It // Island 52
    20 // Anjulie - Boom // Jeffo 52
    22 // Samajona - Warum // Conan 50
    22 // Lydia Denker - One Perfect Day // livefrommelbs 50
    24 // Bubbles - Blow The Spot // KamikazeHeart 49
    25 // Rachel White - Cinderella's Playing Out // 2014 48
    26 // JES - Imagination (Kaskade Remix) // DJHazey 46
    27 // The Presets - Talk Like That // berserkboi 44
    27 // Heather Headley - Easy As Life (from Aida) // ComeOnGloria 44
    29 // Nemesis Rising - Number One in Heaven // CasuallyCrazed 39
    30 // The Frank Popp Ensemble - Hip Teens (Don't Wear Blue Jeans) // Filippa 38
    31 // Stonefoxx - Come Closer // unnameable 37
    32 // Fireflight - Unbreakable // imaduck 35
    33 // Waltz for Debbie - Shooting Birds // DominoDancing 34
    34 // It-Girls - My Heart It Feels Like... Dub Dub // iheartpoptarts 25
    34 // E.G. Daily - Beautiful // WoW73 25
    36 // Amanda Perez - I Pray // HarryEzra 23
    37 // Kasia Kowalska - Antidotum // əʊæ 13
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  13. Thank you to everyone who voted for Cheyenne and got me in the top 10 again! Thanks @imaduck for hosting, congrats to @Oleander on winning! Shout out to @DJHazey for gifting me the song, I would have been lost without you!

    Aly & AJ deserved better in the legends round though.
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  14. Prescient.

    Or post-vote ballot swapping, ddd?
  15. [​IMG]

    Oh, and @iheartpoptarts I chose Irresistible instead of 1-2-3 mainly because a brazilian girlband has a version in portuguese of this song
  16. Thank you for posting the final ranked leaderboard, @imaduck! Could you also share your Google spreadsheet link (a read-only version is fine) so @londonrain can update the overall contest stats and I can officially celebrate my rise up the overall points leaderboard?
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  17. Forgot about that bit, I can indeed
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  18. Seeing the final results, I was expecting more from my entry, it had that feel of a top 10 song.
    But being right in the middle of the scoreboard, I can't be too underwhelmed.

    Thinking of what to submit next time..
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  19. There is so much to unpack from those results with the harsh reality of numbers next to them. A few thoughts:

    - "One Perfect Day" only getting to 22 is the biggest injustice since Girlband's "Electric" only got to 21.
    - What in seven hells is Fireflight's "Unbreakable" doing down there at 32? And what are Stonefoxx doing just above her!?
    - The Presets were done dirty
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  20. @Oleander what's good

    In other news, in an effort to make our veto process even more transparent and easier to consult (from both a veto panelist and PJ00s participant perspective), we're in the process of transitioning vetoes to this Google spreadsheet. This has allowed us to make a few tweaks:

    - we decided to remove songs that were declared ineligible for PJ00s because of pre-2000 or post-2009 releases (except for round 10 when 2010 songs were allowed, and songs were vetoed for other reasons). They're technically ineligible (and often we've not published these songs' identities and instead encouraged folks to submit them to PJSC or PJOPS), not really vetoes.

    - we're making an effort to briefly describe the reason for every veto decision (though, as you can see from the current state of the spreadsheet, this is still a work in progress, and will require a lot of sifting through old veto threads)

    Let us know if you have any suggestions or comments!
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