PJ00s 21: The Bait Edition (winner announced!)

Which is your favourite Tiny Crown winner?

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The winner in our hearts, though, is clearly this:


As the classic cheer goes...

This is the best round of PJ00 I've ever participated in! It holds the
most new artist discoveries, the best artist win for me, the coolest
side theme, and the most artists I already knew (I believe) that I thought
were being baited to me. In second place is the round where I discovered
Sweetbox (PJ0013), third place perhaps the round that first had Steadfast?

Funny, round 13 was the same round where I submitted "I don't
recognize you" by Meja. And it only received "13 points" and sat
on position 37. I entered two Meja songs back in Pjops! Pop &
television and Rainbow! Rainbow actually got top ten!

Anyway, I may not have entered a Meja song this time, and especially
a song that was on my list to enter no doubt, but I had the pleasure
of giving one of my favorite songs by her my 12 and having the song
directly baited to me winning. It seems that Meja was baiting a lot more
than one listener this time around! And I'm so here for this! Based on two
of the three previous Meja entries by me, the result was very lukewarm,
but now I know that Meja can be greatly appreciated here and that
warms my heart and inspires me to perhaps try again and enter something
really special by her in the future.

Gotta love as well that Meja just broke the PJ00 most points record!
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Doodvid gettin naughty na na na na NAH (as was the general consensus I see *sigh*)

The queens grabbing the spotlight throughout this contest is the literal definition of pop justice though so a huge thank you to @londonrain and everyone for their brilliant commentary about the LC, who I lovingly refer to as Pebbledash.

A 12 from @saviodxl and 10 from @OspreyQueen, plus some number 1s and 2s (immature chuckle) from others including @vague, @ComeOnGloria and @tylerc904 brought genuine joy to not only myself but also, I’m sure, *raps in white girl* “Danni, Nikki, Natalie, Lisa and Zara ARE YOU READY? LET’S GO”.

I’ll return later with a full write up on the gals but thanks again everyone for another great contest.


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A special mention for the songs that were sent in as bait for people who didn't participate:
Ingrid Michaelson - Keep Breathing | Filippa (for @Lila)
Le Tigre - TKO | DominoDancing (for @One Stop Candy Shop)


Meja - At The Rainbow's End | ComeOnGloria = 12 (received from @Zar-Unity)
Sneaky Sound System - Kansas City | livefrommelbs = 12 (@berserkboi)
Beth Hart - Leave The Light On | Robsolete = 12 (@Oleander)
Pay TV - Refrain Refrain | Empty Shoebox = 12 (@popknark2)
Ami Suzuki joins Yasutaka Nakata - Free Free | vague = 12 (@soratami)
Taylor Caine - Bombshell Cabaret (Motiv8 Mix - Edit) | Hudweiser = 12 (@iheartpoptarts)
DJ Orkidea - Free Dreams | Ana Raquel = 12 (@Eric)

Aneiki - Pleased To Meet You | berserkboi = 10 (@Robsolete)
Housse De Racket - Synthétiseur | Untouchable Ace = 10 (@berserkboi)

Fefe Dobson - Take Me Away | londonrain = 8 (@Maki)
Passion Fruit - I'm Dreaming Of... A White Christmas | Maki = 8 (@Conan)

Future Breeze - Ocean of Eternity | Eric = 7 (@Ana Raquel)
Stephen Simmonds featuring Dilba - For Father | Disco Blister = 7 (@Maki)
DCX featuring X-Perience - I Feel Like You | DJHazey = 7 (@Eric)
Milk Inc featuring Sylvie - I Don't Care | CasuallyCrazed = 7 (@DJHazey)

Kim-Lian & Linda Bengtzing - Not That Kinda Girl | WoW73 = 6 (@Sprockrooster)
Official Secrets Act - Bloodsport | soratami = 6 (@berserkboi)
Natasha Thomas - Save Your Kisses For Me | saviodxl = 6 (@Robsolete)
LMNT - You're The One | tylerc904 = 6 (@iheartpoptarts)
Icon For Hire - Carried Away | Music Is Life = 6 (@DJHazey)
Jentina - Gone | Island = 6 (@soratami)

Leona Naess - I Tried to Rock You But You Only Roll | Jeffo = 5 (@Oleander)

Danny - Play It For The Girls | stevo_1988 = 3 (@iheartpoptarts

Sita - Popstar | iheartpoptarts = 2 (@Sprockrooster)

Ruth Ann - No Surrender | ohnoitisnathan = 1 (@berserkboi)

Gloss - This Is All I Need | CorgiCorgiCorgi = 0 (@Oleander)
Alex C featuring Yass - Du Bist So Porno | Phonetics Boy = 0 (@Filippa)
Lay Low - The Reason Why My Heart’s in Misery | rawkey = 0 (@Zar-Unity)
Lindsay Pagano - Everything U R | pop3blow2 = 0 (@DJHazey)
Ann Winsborn - Play Boy Play | Zar-Unity = 0 (@vague)
Elizabeth & The Catapult - Race You | Oleander = 0 (@soratami)
Loose Chippins - Girls Getting Naughty | Doodvid = 0 (@Island)
Kaci Brown - Body Language | Sprockrooster = 0 (@londonrain)
Freefonix - Frequalize | OspreyQueen = 0 (@Music Is Life)​
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Thank you so much for the points @Filippa and then to finish with a redeeming double 12 from @DominoDancing & @Jeffo (we do not deserve you).
It was looking like my worst performing entry across the forum for me.

But now I finally at least get to be included in @Maki's underrated corner. I've never experienced that emotion before.

Thank you @londonrain.
Well done on the record breaking @ComeOnGloria, and your prediction @berserkboi for top 5 including the bronze for Sneaky Sound System and @livefrommelbs
Thanks but painful.
It was great to follow this live for once (yay for annual leave!) - thank you to @londonrain for stellar hosting. I loved the baiting theme- definitely adds an element of suspense. I was really happy to have been baited twice!

I loved DJ Orkidea @Ana Raquel - a totally new discovery and Free Dreams is the very essence of what makes trance special - it transported me to a summer dancefloor. I wish it had done better for you! And no worries at all about the 7 score for Future Breeze...my top 4 was ridiculously tight as well!

I also really enjoyed DCX very much @DJHazey - I kept swapping my 10, 8 and 7 songs around until the last moment. I'm guessing the vocals made this song more universally liked.

Glad to see Alex C at 11 for @Phonetics Boy - such an earworm!

I think I may need to do some thinking about my next submission as I only have very obvious choices left at the moment...(and I'd like a top 20 positon to start 2020). Look forward to the next round!
I had chosen my entry before the baiting thing was announced, and I’m not so familiar with most of the members’ typical tastes yet. So I was a bit worried for a second wondering who if anyone would like a very slow, nearly 6 minutes long song about the singer missing his dead father and having basically lost any meaning in his life. But after those few seconds I immediately realised one can always count on @Maki and his taste, which also has an amazing amount of variety. Maki always pays attention to the songs properly without hitting the fast forward button, he listens to the lyrics AND he’s often liked the same kind of beautiful and sad songs that I do. So in the end the decision was very easy. With good results! Thank you, dear!
Aww, this is so endearing to hear. Thank you so much for these kind words - you're amazing!

But now I finally at least get to be included in @Maki's underrated corner. I've never experienced that emotion before.
You will indeed!

After PJ Retro, we love another record breaking winner - congratulations again, @ComeOnGloria!

Thanks again to all who voted for Passion Fruit! Overall, I am satisfied with final placement, although expected the score for my entry to be a tiny bit higher (but that may be because @WowWowWowWow wasn't participating this time).
Nice to see that the bait worked, too!

Thank you @londonrain for this fantastic hosting, super fun side theme and having no leaderboard issues!

I'll post a proper recap (and a spotlight for Pasion Fruit) later..
Firstly, thank you to my 12 givers! @ComeOnGloria, @Oleander, @CorgiCorgiCorgi and @Sprockrooster. And Sprocky for that lovely commentary! I had no idea you were a Beth fan, but the taste is real!

And thanks to everyone else who gave me points: @EscapismIsAnotherPrison, @CasuallyCrazed, @pop3blow2, @londonrain, @Disco Blister, @Island and @Music Is Life.

So glad Beth did well, and got me back in the top 10.

Massive congrats @ComeOnGloria for the much deserved win, and thanks @londonrain for a great round!
I had to step out for a while, so one last thanks to @Oleander and @Music Is Life for the points! Finishing 25th is theoretically nothing to celebrate, but after coming last in round 20 this is much better obviously!

Congratulations @ComeOnGloria - I gave the song points for a reason, yet it is a bit of a surprise win, so great job with the selection!

And as usual, wonderful hosting by @londonrain - too bad Postal Service were too successful, because that would have been a succesful bait. More than successful.