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PJ00s 21: The Bait Edition (winner announced!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, Dec 4, 2019.


Which is your favourite Tiny Crown winner?

  1. Luxúria - Odio

  2. Tuuli - It's Over

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  3. Riskay - Smell Yo Dick

  4. Lunik - Through Your Eyes

  5. Birth - Sure Took Magic

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  6. Axelle Red - Gloria

  7. Alecia Elliot - You Wanna What?

  8. Kevin Federline - Lose Control

  9. Tune-Yards - News

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  10. Zena - All of Me

  1. No!! This cannot be!!!

    I refuse to admit that Leah Haywood was inspired by WTF KINDA NAME IS LOOSE CHIPPINS SOUNDS LIKE POOP!!! TM

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  2. There’s a Loose Chippins version of I’ll Be There For You?

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  3. That exclamation/cry for help is literally going to be on my tombstone. Thanks for the write-up/background @Doodvid - super interesting! I stan.
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  4. I did also enjoy the delicious shade of @OspreyQueen saying “No idea why this girlband named after a road hazard didn't take off.”
  5. After awarding 10 points...
  6. Loose Chippins also sounds like a dental emergency.
  7. Or an icecream flavour.
  8. The flavour of choice for Girls Getting Nutty!
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  9. Now that PJ00s is in its 21st edition, that means its legally allowed to go to Vegas!
    Make that Vegas theme happen @ hosts
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  10. Today I’m listening to this album, which I discovered thanks to this round.

    Poor @Oleander was robbed.
  11. It's going to be... something else....
  12. Okay, I'll talk about my entry and there's quite an amount to say about it, considering that the group lasted only 3 years (even shorter than now-iconic Loose Chippins)

    I can't even remember when I discovered them, but it wasn't more than 10 years ago, so it can be said it happened fairly recently. It also has a bit of a surprise factor, as I'm not the one you would expect to send this type of song.

    Passion Fruit was a German-based (I think) pop and Eurodance/bubblegum dance group that kick-started their career with in June 1999 with a hit "The Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song" that was sent to a PJOPS round by @Sprockrooster (and is the song which @londonrain hates with passion). I think you may have heard it before, since I surely did. Before they even managed to release the next single, the group's first (and only) line-up change occurred in late 1999, where three girls of different (Spanish, German and Dutch) replaced the and now became a trio, instead of previous four members, which included three girls and one guy. However, the voice behind those girls was Cuban-German singer Leticia Pareja-Padrón, who sang lead vocals for most of the songs they released. Here's a clip of her singing the group's biggest hit:

    There's a video of her singing as single "Wonderland" somewhere, but can't find it now.

    They released a couple of singles and one album (titled "Spanglish Love Affairs") during 2000 and 2001, had moderate success in several European countries and started working on their second album in 2001.

    But it wouldn't be me if my entry didn't have a sad side to it. The tragic event determined the fate of the group forever. Assuming most of you know Melanie Thornton, you will probably know this story, too. The fatal flight happened on November 24th 2001 after their concert and two out of three girls (Nathaly(ie) van het Ende and María Serrano Serrano) from Passion Fruit passed away, unfortunately.
    As Wikipedia precisely mentions:
    On 24 November 2001, the group was on board Crossair Flight 3597 from Berlin to Zurich when it crashed into a wooded range of hills 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) short of the runway on approach towards Zurich International Airport, near the town of Bassersdorf.
    The only survivor of the group, Deborah St. Maarten, had a short interview talking about the crash and planning to return to music as a solo artist in 2006 (while she was still treating her injuries), but that never happened:

    Such a sad fate managed to tie me with their music even more.

    And that's where we get to the song itself: "I'm Dreaming Of...A White Christmas" is their final single (and final music video), released posthumously in December 2001.
    There's a different version of the song, titled "I'm Dreaming of...A Winter Wonderland" (including altered lyrics and a new music video), which was recorded so the sales wouldn't wear out after the holidays and Wikipedia says:
    In December 2001, Passion Fruit's management decided to donate all the proceeds from their single "I'm Dreaming of...A Winter Wonderland" to the victims and survivors of the crash.

    The song I sent has a special place in my heart and I mentioned it in the @Sprockrooster's Xmas rate among my top 10 Christmas songs, placing it at #3 (which kind of revealed my entry a week before the deadline):
    It seemed like a perfect song for the season, and @berserkboi notified me that it's probably the best result for a Christmas song in these song contests (when there wasn't a themed round) - yay!

    And now, let's go even darker. The song I had in mind to enter even in earlier PJ00s rounds is an album track from 2000 called "Do You Remember":

    I first heard it in this tribute video and fell in love with it.
    It's one of the first songs I had on my phone, and I think that I discovered it before "I'm Dreaming Of...A White Christmas", so it's special to me in some way. Such a gorgeous ballad that got so much more meaning to it one year after it was released.
    However, I always have doubts when sending ballads to PJ00s, so I decided not to submit it.

    This is the video where they perform "Do You Remember" on their final concert just before the plane crash:

    Listening them sing lyrics like 'all I need is a miracle tonight', 'I wish you were here at Christmas time' and 'the snow falls again, where are you?', hearing the children chats of 'rigga ding ding ding...' as the intro and outro like a retrospective and seeing the flames as the background effect makes it incredibly eerie and hard to watch and listen, knowing what happened only a few hours after the performance.
    While it was released a full year before the final concert, it's like their farewell song, yet they didn't know that.

    Well, that was a sad note to end on.
    Recap of this round coming later today...
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  13. A bit more further notes here..

    I loved your Ruth Ann song @ohnoitisnathan ! It only got 1 point from the person you
    baited but it really moved me.

    The DJ Orkidea song enterted by @Ana Raquel was pretty amazing! I loved the groove of
    free dreams and it made me want to check out his other tracks. His electronic style
    is both very unique and bold. Little things in the production really stand out and add so much
    character to the music. I'm not usually into chill out and electronic music so much but
    his music is something special!

    Aneiki was pretty cool @berserkboi ! I will probably check out more of their music.

    The Stephen Simmonds that really captivated me after I heard your initial entry
    @Disco Blister was this one..

    I was completely floored with this beautiful, well produced ballad! The album that
    this came from got an immediate add! This was the moment when I realized I
    would become a real fan of his music.

    Gotta love as well that the amazing @saviodxl entered another great song by
    Natasha Thomas! I love her music so much!

    Lindsay Pagano's "Everything U R" was amazing! I loved the video and her voice!
    I added the album to my spotify. Great entry @pop3blow2 ! Probably one of my
    favorite entries by you! Surprised I didn't know about her sooner! Glad I do now!

    Don't feel too bitter @Sprockrooster , I took a good liking on second listen to
    your amazing Kaci Brown song and added her album to my list to check out
    later. Love her voice and look, she reminds me of Jade Villaton from Sweetbox.
    I think I passed on her album once before but I'll now be giving her album a
    better second listen thanks to you. I love well done pop from this time period!
    The album cover is amazing as well!

    I actually loved the Freefonix track but I couldn't find anything out about the artist
    on spotify. Do they actually have a album available? @OspreyQueen
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  14. What's up PJ00s? I read all this yesterday and it was the best ever but I had so much to write that I decided I needed an actual computer before I got on this, so hi.

    Thank yous:

    @Empty Shoebox
    @Sprockrooster (hehe, I had a feeling you'd prefer her pop-rockier stuff but I'm a bit too heart-over-head for my own good)
    @Phonetics Boy
    @Music Is Life (oh my god, you have me all figured out)

    And a shout-out to the flawless people who baited me because I heart you all. You didn't have it easy - there were so many seriously Poptartjustice songs this round that it felt like my entire top ten was baiting me, but y'all made it!

    @Hudweiser - Asdfhjdsfhdsk how did you do that?! Like bait me with an act/song I've never talked about or actually even heard of and get it THAT right. I'm amazed.

    @tylerc904 - I love LMNT! And turn-of-the-century Radio Disney. Most Radio Disney in fact. I didn't know that song existed so I crown you the official expert! 'Forgot to Forget' is my LMNT 11.

    @stevo_1988 - I'm so honoured to be the go-to bait person for hot Scandipop boys, Danny Saucedo is bops and heart emojis for days and all over my late 00s old iPod!

    Other randomness:

    -That Ann Winsborn song totally does sound like Rollergirl.
    -I thought "Loose Chippins" would turn out to be some kind of British slang expression people would know the meaning of but apparently y'all have no idea either, amazing.
    -This Drinkify thing is amusing. It pretty much wants to give me lots of Red Bull.

    Congrats @ComeOnGloria on a landslide victory, and thank you @londonrain for being amazing as always! See y'all next time!
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  15. I just love Sita got entered again!!
  16. I loved having an excuse to recycle your artist!
  17. Still love Happy!

  18. I do! I just knew it was you. I'm gonna have to check out more of her music.
  19. Ha ha, I was thinking along the same lines.

    It also makes me think of "the chippie", which is slang for a fish and chips shop, but I think only a term that Brits use - e.g. I saw that Loose Chippins girl working down the local chippie.
  20. Can’t wait for someone to troll us all in a song contest with this.

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