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PJ00s 21: The Bait Edition (winner announced!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, Dec 4, 2019.


Which is your favourite Tiny Crown winner?

  1. Luxúria - Odio

  2. Tuuli - It's Over

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  3. Riskay - Smell Yo Dick

  4. Lunik - Through Your Eyes

  5. Birth - Sure Took Magic

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  6. Axelle Red - Gloria

  7. Alecia Elliot - You Wanna What?

  8. Kevin Federline - Lose Control

  9. Tune-Yards - News

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  10. Zena - All of Me

  1. @berserkboi i might visit the Dalida statue in Paris
  2. Carol C rose to national prominence with the electro-soul band Si*Sé, which made an impact on the Talking Heads’ David Byrne in 2001. Byrne signed Si*Sé to his Luaka Bop label, followed by including them on his worldwide tour, Look Into The Eyeball.

    Si*Sé has shared the stage with Norah Jones, Kinky, Kraftwerk, Los Amigo Invisibles, James Brown, Gotan Project, Julieta Venegas, Cesaria Evora, and Nathacha Atlas, while Carol C has collaborated with Byrne, Ursula 1000, King Britt, Thievery Corporation, and The Phenomenal Handclap Band.

    Still part of Si*Sé, Carol C’s solo venture allows her to display her innovative talent, amalgamating avant-garde elements with tropical flows, original electronic textures, and creamy dream-pop.
    (Source: Medium.com)

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  3. Your song was one of my favorite discoveries of the round!
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  4. Part of me wants to do another post about Icon For Hire and what they mean to me...but I'm going to be talking about them plenty in different threads soon so I'm not sure.
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  5. This is the album:

    Freefonix is actually the name of a children's TV series starring a fictional animated band called Freefonix made up of three teenagers. To quote Wikipedia:
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  7. Round 22 will open 'soon' (about 24 hours from now...!)
  8. There are 3 songs I'm tossing up between for this round - and I'm not sure I'll be any closer to settling on one before the new contest opens. Might just have to wing it and hope for the best!
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  9. I might choose to *ahem* prendre un risque in round 22.

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  10. @berserkboi found stanning.

    Let me join in taking a risk. There has been pending a song for a while now that is something else.
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  11. I admire your bravoure.

    I'm still traumatized from the round 1 fiasco.
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  12. I have an entry for which I might prendre un risque too - the kiiiii if it's the same song! LOL

    But yes, I will be stanning regardless! :D
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  13. I have the winning song (at least in my mind) and am ready.
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  14. Oops, I missed that bit of the post. Thanks for posting the album!
  15. The next round could allow songs up to 2012... just saying.
  16. So... the recap of this round:

    Thank you once again to all who voted for Passion Fruit! It's so pleasing to see that it got quite a few of high scores (six of you, which is the half of total voters for them, put it among their top 5 of this round). Two top 15 placements in a row is pretty good.
    And legendary @Phonetics Boy managed to vote for my December entries not only in PJ00s, but PJSC, PJ Retro and PJXtra - incredible!

    I forgot to say why I decided to bait @Conan out of all the participants. The song I chose was decided before the 'bait' side theme was revealed but I remember seeing one post in the PJ00s 12 thread (the round before I joined!). Here it is:
    Revisiting it, it clearly referred to @popknark2's fave song and I was questioning whether my choice was correct. Luckily, @Conan gave it 8 points and saved me from regreting the choice. And I'm just now remembering that he is from Germany, where Passion Fruit had success. Another great thing is that we managed to exchange points.

    The winner is very unexpected, yet very deserving. In no way I thought it could win this. Even though I gave it only 3 points, in such a strong round it stood out greatly and that chorus is amazing.
    I'm both happy and sad for @Zar-Unity, though. Imagine submiting an artist, finishing last-placed and then someone else submits the same with a different song and wins by almost a landslide.

    Great to see that Fefe did so well, too, although I didn't doubt that.

    A special thanks to @EscapismIsAnotherPrison for introducing me to the stunning song by Si*Sé. Probably my favorite PJ00s discovery so far and I'll surely aim to hear more music by them.

    Underrated corner: Sistanova (my fears for this being done wrong became reality), Si*Sé (anything apart from top 10 placement was acceptable for this entry), Housse De Racket (here you go, @Untouchable Ace - although I can only dream of having that as my weakest result in these contests) and Ruth Ann.

    I'm really looking forward to the next round, because the song I discovered about a month ago has a great chance to be received very well.
  17. Oh, and thank you so much for hosting this round, @londonrain! What an epic side theme.
    In fact, from now on, I'm going to guess (in the PM to the host) who can be 'baited' by all my submissions/entries in future rounds.
    I don't consider my first bait really 'fair', since the baited participant already knew the song, and now am going to decide solely on the sound of the song.
  18. Wait why?
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  19. I'm waiting for a more relaxed veto round so I can enter a little something
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  20. Well, there was one round that allowed songs from 2010, and with this being round 22, and the first round of the 2020s, it made some sense.
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