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PJ00s 21: The Bait Edition (winner announced!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, Dec 4, 2019.


Which is your favourite Tiny Crown winner?

  1. Luxúria - Odio

  2. Tuuli - It's Over

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  3. Riskay - Smell Yo Dick

  4. Lunik - Through Your Eyes

  5. Birth - Sure Took Magic

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  6. Axelle Red - Gloria

  7. Alecia Elliot - You Wanna What?

  8. Kevin Federline - Lose Control

  9. Tune-Yards - News

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  10. Zena - All of Me

  1. Ohhhh okay. That'd be great.
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  2. Emma Bunton would never make it, sweaty! xxx

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  3. Another round allowing songs from 2010 would be...handy. That's all I'll say.
  4. I vote artists with under 40 pages of discussion.
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  5. I vote for all these not to happen next round since I am already having a hard time picking between 3 songs as it is! Dddddd
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  6. I've got a 2010 and a 2011 song ready to enter into something, but doubt I would ever be a willing participant of PJ10s, if such a competition begins.
  7. Now it's been brought up, I have an amazing 2010-2012 song to enter, so I won't be taking part in the next round unless I can send it in xx
  8. Round 22 is up, folks!
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  9. I have submitted to PJ00s 22 before I properly looked at the results of PJ00s 21. I'm sorry for that, but I was ill the last couple of days so I couldn't concentrate ...

    @londonrain this was great. I loved the theme. But so sad that @Lila didn't take part! Where were you?

    @Phonetics Boy
    You are right, Alex C. was huge here as well. And I love your humour. You made me really laugh and I wish I could read this conversation between you and @londonrain. Must have been so funny. The most iconic bait of the rate!

    And oh my god, I finished 12th! Can't believe that because no-one seemed to vote for Ingrid in the beginning and I started thinking I would receive my first tiny crown ...

    But thank you for avoiding this:
    @ohnoitisnathan for 12 points (forever in my heart)
    @ComeOnGloria, @pop3blow2 and @Island for the ten points (I'm your fan)
    and @rawkey, @berserkboi, @londonrain, @Oleander and @Robsolete for the points!
  10. The stats are all up to date in the PJ00s Vault (except for the chart runs... @Sprockrooster, wheneveryoureready.gif).

    Most Successful Songs:
    @ComeOnGloria takes Meja to the top of the points leaderboard. @Filippa still rules the percentage leaderboard, though, indicating that there were more participants and therefore more points available in this round than in round 8 when she won.

    Medals Tally:
    Three brand new medallists means three new entries on the leaderboard.

    Number of points per user:
    The overall leaderboard is relatively static at the top, although @popknark2 has gone from being #2 two rounds ago to being #7 now, and @CorgiCorgiCorgi and @Jeffo are gaining on @DJHazey and @soratami. Further down the leaderboard we see jumps of multiple places for @Robsolete, @iheartpoptarts, @Empty Shoebox and @WoW73.

    Despite some shuffling around on the leaderboard, our winner for 2019, as previously revealed, is @soratami, with a margin of just 11 points. @soratami becomes the first year-end winner to achieve the feat without winning a round of PJ00s. Any predictions for who our 2020 year-end winner will be?
  11. @Filippa
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  12. I'm going to say @CorgiCorgiCorgi, who's been around since the first round and has only ever had one song place lower than #21. Hard to beat that kind of consistency.
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  13. I want to say #soon but I am a round behind so let's not. I will try to do it as fast possible ddd.
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  14. Amazing, thanks! Love a bit of conditional formatting...
  15. [​IMG]
  16. #43 with 198 points? Look at me!
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  17. I didn’t (until this morning)
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