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PJ00s 22: The One Hit Wonders edition: we have a winner! Leaderboard on page 25

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WoW73, Jan 6, 2020.

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    Welcome to PJ00's 22: The One Hit Wonders Edition!

    After the fabulous round 21, hosted by @londonrain and won by @ComeOnGloria - here is round 22!
    I was the runner-up that round, and since @ComeOnGloria was not able to host, hosting duties now lie with me - but not alone! Precious @berserkboi offered to assist me, merci mon ami!

    Last round was won through a song by Meja - which inspired the theme of this round: one hit wonders. As Meja really has only one hit....

    So, let's focus on one hit wonders from 2000-2009 this round!
    What determines a one hit wonder? Wikipedia quotes The Billboard Book of One-Hit Wonders: music journalist Wayne Jancik defines a one-hit wonder as "an act that has won a position on [the] national, pop, Top 40 record chart just once."

    So basically, a one hit wonder in one country, can be a major star in other markets!!

    For instance..... one hit wonders from different markets are:

    New Zealand:


    The Netherlands:


    We want to challenge you this round to send us a one hit wonder from 2000-2009 through a PM to both hosts, which we will then reveal with your ballot at the reveals.
    If your selection has already been picked by someone else - we will let you know!

    The side-theme is of course not mandatory! But fun if many of you send us a one hit wonder!
    This will NOT be your entry for the regular round - for that entry, the usual rules apply:

    General inclusion/exclusion criteria for entries:
    • must have been first released between 01.01.2000-12.31.2009
    • no UK top 20 hits
    • no US top 20 hits
    • no tracks from a US or UK top 10 album
    • no covers or prominent samples of famous songs
    • no relatively famous/chart-successful cover versions of your desired entry (if it's the original version) recorded by a different act
    • no songs (or covers of songs) that have competed in the Eurovision Song Contest (semi-finals or finals)
    • relatively unknown/underrated on Popjustice - so as a general benchmark, nothing from an artist with more than 10 pages of discussion on PJ (across all their artist threads)
    • no entry that has been previously entered in a previous round of PJ00s (list of past entries here), PJSC (list of past entries here), or PJOPS (list of entries here; the '00s crossover round list can be found here). Additionally, no entry that has been previously vetoed in PJ00s (in general, these acts will most likely be vetoed again, unless the reason for the veto was that the song was previously entered in a different song contest).
    A list of previously vetoed entries is here.

    Repeat artists guideline:
    - the same act (in any form - solo, group, featured, etc.) cannot be entered for FOUR rounds since their last appearance (i.e., a non-winning round 8 act can be reentered no sooner than round 13, and in round 9, non-winning acts from rounds 1-4 are generally eligible again)
    - for the winner of each round, that artist cannot be entered again (in any form - solo, group, featured) for the subsequent TEN rounds.

    Submit your contest song in a PM to both @berserkboi and myself by 23:59 CET on Monday January 13.
    Voting will close at 23:59 CET on Monday February 3.
    Reveals will be on Wednesday February 5.

    IMPORTANT: send us the
    Artist, Song title, year, and include a youtube link, plus a link to the correct version on Spotify.

    Side-theme songs can be sent with your contest entry, or later, but before voting closes!

    So, let's play!
  2. Merci

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  3. Okay, so I have to ask a very pop3 meta question:

    Can our song selection for the round & one hit wonder mention be from same artist? Like say the artist only had one chart hit you want to highlight in the sub-theme, but you want to submit a different song by them for the actual contest.
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  4. Of course, no problem!
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  5. No, same is also good for extra meta-ness

    (I wonder if ATC are eligible again....)

    Also - not a couple of Australians getting up early and looking to snatch something from me before I even get out of bed!! Lol. I’ll enter you all into the spreadsheet once I get to work! :D

    Don’t forget to send songs to BOTH @WoW73 and me so we can service you in different time zones! ;)
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  6. OUCH. The entry I planned doesnt fit the criteria. Let's go to plan B
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  7. Your entry doesn't need to be a one hit wonder though, that's just the side theme.
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  8. What @soratami said....

    And do not forget to add a Spotify link if available people! (thus far most people did - thanks!!)
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  9. back to plan A
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  10. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Having a UK-centric view of 00s pop is a real pain in the ass when it comes to this contest. The only one-hit-wonders I know of wouldn't pass veto because they were hits.
  11. If working this angle, maybe check out their follow up singles as those probably didn’t chart well.

    We have had ATC, Puretone, Sonique (who isn’t even a one hit wonder but some follow up singles didn’t chart well) to name a few who have been here despite that one or two hits :D
  12. Well, the one hit wonders theme is only a side-theme, so the veto panel doesn't come into play there - your regular entry does not have to be a one hit wonder!
  13. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    OH, right. I missed that bit ddd. I'll have a think.
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  14. Just to be clear: you can all enter TWO songs: one regular entry that does not have to be a one hit wonder, and one side-theme entry, that has to be a one hit wonder somewhere in the world (and could even be by an artist like Dannii, SEB, Sugababes etc...)

    Sorry if the rules are confusing....
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  15. I'm just going to keep the conversation going in the current thread.
    Instead of unnaturally stretching out a special round of PJ00s to 2012, why don't we have a round of PJXtra in the near future for songs released only in a specific year?
    2012 is very popular right now and it's also a precursor to PJ10s which is a lifetime away.
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  16. Submitted a winning killer song half an hour after the thread opened and for some reason worried that the song was already taken.
    Luckily, no one else submitted it and now I'm 'patiently' waiting for the veto decision.

    As for the one hit wonder, I have an obvious pick, but I'll send it tomorrow.
  17. With this One Hit Wonder Theme, I will be pillaging different rates (look out French Divas, Eurodance, Timbaland, Darkchild etc) where we wrote up about some One Hit Wonders to Profile here! First up - we go to my own write-up for one of the best selling songs in history! A One-Hit Wonder that topped the chart in 26 countries, and barely charted in any of them with a follow-up! Dddddddd​

    Go like the original post here!

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