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PJ00s 27 : Big Pop Girls (MAIN CONTEST RESULTS)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BeingNormal, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. That's actually the same inspirational picture, but this time drawn by a professional artist

    using lipstick.

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  2. The fact that Avril is also not there yet and yes I have entered and been revealed by @berserkboi already.
  3. This post (both the opening lines and the song selection) tells me @berserkboi might never have listened to any Rachel Stevens songs dd
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  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    “An icon of sitcoms”?
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  5. Well, Miami 7, LA 7, Hollywood 7 and Viva S Club. That's four sitcoms I suppose.
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  6. I love how Rachel scammed her way onto Band Aid 20’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ by just strolling in with Will Young on the day of recording.

    *Geri found shaking and crying* (in Richard X’s car)
  7. An icon of charities!
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  8. She was also whispered at the time to be the possible subject of this song by Mike Skinner/The Streets (which he’s since refuted):

    An icon of dodgy tabloid speculation!
  9. I also have memories of her being compared to Jennifer Aniston with her slight resemblance to her back in the day - like 20 years ago.... Boy, I am old! Dddd
  10. Oh and by the way I'm not Hilary either, so keep guessing.


    (Even though nobody asked or guessed in the first place ddd)
  11. I did guess in private actually, I know you stole my first choose artist.
  12. The revenge arc.


    Though it won't be as fruitful as you taking iiO was for you, it's something.
  13. I have the day off work so you guys will be getting your next 5 Big Pop Girls a little earlier in the day Melbourne Time!

    In the meantime - let me tag some people who have yet to submit and haven't already told me they weren't participating!

    @Hurricane Drunk
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  17. I hope someone submits Aly & AJ as a Big Pop Girl. I need a reason to give them 12 points, depending on the song's submitted by others of course.
  18. They don't qualify - not solo! :(

    Wait til a Girl Band edition or something ;)
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  19. Ah shit. I forgot about that. Oh well.
  20. Our twenty-first Big Pop Girl started her career with a song I thought would see her as a spectacular One Hit Wonder, instead she just went from strength to strength to strength - releasing industry defining records after records!

    From Barbados to Fenty Beauty!

    Hey Mr DJ - Please don't stop the music?


    Which career-defining song will be here?


    Twenty-second Challenger?

    Our Sister!
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