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PJ00s 27 : Big Pop Girls

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BeingNormal, Jun 28, 2020.

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    Welcome to PJ00's 27 : Big Pop Girls !

    Hello there ! After shockingly snatch the runner-up in the previous round (hosted by @Island & @Hurricane Drunk), sadly the true winner @vague was not able to host and the opportunity to host was passed to me.
    Thankfully I will be helped by the amazing PJ00s veteran @berserkboi !

    After 26 PJ00 rounds, it's about time we pit women against each other discuss and do a contest from Big Pop Girls during the naughties era, who has shaped the life, the sexual awakening and the musical taste of many gays & girls in the world, including me. Of course we're not doing it in the main contest, you silly !
    Here's the criteria for the main round :



    How about the side contest, you ask ? For the newcomers, yes it's OPTIONAL but c'mon when will you can submit popular artists again in song contest ?
    Here's the basic criteria for Big Pop Girl :

    PM your main & side entries to both @BeingNormal & @berserkboi.

    Entry Deadline : 05/07 at 11:59PM BST

    Start your engines and may the best flop wins !


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  5. This is gonna be fuuuuun.
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  7. Our first Big Pop Girl is here!!!

    Started her career in an iconic girl band - she went on to become one of our most influential stars today!

    Her love's got us so crazy right now! Is it Deja Vu?

    Here to slay is:


    Which one of her classics are we gonna be rating?


    Second Big Pop Girl?
    Someone whose heart was eaten!
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  8. Our second Big Pop Girl is quite the challenger

    Iconic in such a way she warranted two rates to cover her material, through two different hosts!

    She was Born This Way, how's her Pokerface?


    Which monster hit will appear?


    Third Challenger?

    R&B Goddess!
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  9. Come through @berserkboi, also wtf y'all are so quick while I'm usually spending almost a week searching for a song dd.
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  10. Our third Big Pop Girl was amazing in ways we only partly experienced, sadly!

    During her time with us though? Wow at the TALENT!

    Telling us to dust ourselves off when at first we don't succeed, she tempted us - drove us!


    Which ahead of its time cut will appear?


    Fourth Challenger?

    A multilingual queen!
  11. Our fourth Big Pop Girl is so massive in some markets - iconic does not begin to cover it!

    Award Winning, Record Breaking!

    Her breasts were small and humble - but her talent can move mountains!


    Which banger will appear?


    Fifth Challenger?

    A front-woman!
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  12. Our fifth Big Pop Girl was an icon in the 90s, and continued to be one in the 00s!

    A Fashion Icon, A Mother, An Alice In Wonderland Enthusiast!

    If you could escape - would you be a Hollaback Girl?


    Which 00s banger will represent her?


    Sixth Challenger?

    Needs No Introduction!
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  13. Damn, another double round?
    At least I'll be familiar with most of the songs in the side theme.

    Excited for this one!
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  14. Right, so instead of continuing to share our Big Pop Girl picks, I've decided I'll do 5 reveals of them a day for the one week submission period (since we usually end up around 35 participants, this makes my basic maths logical [I hope?]). So the next five from tomorrow will be:

    - Someone who needs no introduction
    - An ex-Girl Band member
    - A record setter & breaker!
    - A Foreign Language Goddess
    - A Country Music legend!

    A grid of the first five for your reference:

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  15. Where you taking these illustrations from?
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  16. A) This is so generic I have no idea who it could be
    B) Hmmmm...Beyonce is already in so... I have no clue, I don't know enough girl bands.
    C) I'm gonna go out on a limb and say either Britney, Madonna or Mariah. They're the first three that come to mind with that description.
    D) Dalida ddddd. Or Kumi.
    E) Carrie or Kacey or Shania or Miranda
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  17. They’re @berserkboi ‘s tattoos.
  18. Probably Mel C or Geri sis
  19. Can't wait for Rihanna's illustration:
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