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PJ00s 27 : Big Pop Girls

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BeingNormal, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Who knew @Robsolete had such subpar drawing skills?
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  2. Out of all the iconic Namie songs you could have posted, you choose those three? Je telephone a @BEST FICTION
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  3. Not think of me............. The sabotage.
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  4. No Come slander here thank you
  5. Come is one of the best songs ever - with Namie’s Version up there with the best deliveries ever! Namie’s legendary nature even prevented the Sophie Monk original competing here a long time ago!

    Doesn’t get more legendaric than that!! :D
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  6. Our eleventh Big Pop Girl is a little country, a little pop, a little controversial!

    From the stages of Hannah Montana to the Bangerz Era!

    See you again when we party in the USA?


    Which cut will be hers?


    Twelfth Challenger?

    A Reality TV Star!
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  7. While you're here, why don't try joining us unnie ?


    Tagging some people that maybe interested :

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  8. Our twelfth Big Pop Girl is from a family of Reality Royalty, and was the first to truly branch out on her own from there!

    A Madonna Enthusiast and a Fashion commentator!

    Shut up shut up shut up don't wanna hear the one word!!


    Which banger fits this theme?


    Thirteenth Challenger?

    An Australian Star!
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  9. Our thirteenth Big Pop Girl gave the Flick to her TV career and ended up being one of the biggest Pop Girls we have sent overseas for the short period in which she was active!

    A Tarkan stan - I am sure!

    Been a naughty girl as I get you down boy!!


    Which iconic banger will be here?


    Fourteenth Challenger?

    An R&B Legend!
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  10. Our fourteenth Big Pop Girl is synonymous with R&B excellence, yet she often ends up underrated! Not today - Satan!

    A force for decades!

    No more drama in her family affairs!


    Which iconic banger will be here?


    Fifteenth Challenger?

    An English Artiste!
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  11. Our fifteenth Big Pop Girl turned down recording an iconic 00s song, yet still managed to have one of the most iconic singles run of the decade

    A porcelain doll darling!

    Music gets the best of her, otherwise it is murder on the dancefloor!


    Which fashionable banger will be here?


    Sixteenth Challenger?

    A collaborative goddess!
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  12. Which song did Sophie turned down?
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  14. Ouch, that one probably hurt
  15. The updated Big Pop Girl grid is here!

    I tried to fix a few things, which made the results even more GraphicDesignIsMyPassion.jpeg than it was - so I'll try to fix it more properly once we have everyone on it! LOL


    Next five:

    - A collaborative icon
    - A well rounded musician
    - A lip-syncing force
    - A singer/actress
    - A Dance Legend
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  16. So all five are Miss Britney Jean Spears, then?
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  17. I'm hoping it has the same impact as Soul U*nique - still bopping to it now (and the gorgeous lips of one of the singers)...
  18. I'm glad I was able to call Madonna, Mariah and Carrie in some capacity.

    I detected a bit of shade in the Miley write-up.
    Ddd I was literally gonna say the same thing. If none of them are her, I'm gonna be upset.
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  19. My work here is done.
  20. A little announcement for your benefit!

    First - we would like to thank @WowWowWowWow for the below nugget which stayed with us for over a year and inspired our description of the side theme!

    I do very much dislike that song for being Inescapable.mp3 for a long looooooooong time in Australia, but Sandi did that with all her commercial achievements, hey?

    Also - it's taken over 20 submissions to get here but the Minogue sisters are now in to the Side Theme!
    Could you imagine we had gotten underway without them??
    Watch out for their reveals in the next few days!

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