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OK, so the first thing you need to know is that The Gathering started as a gothic metal band. One of its pioneers, actually. The first two albums aren't worth bothering with, but Mandylion, the one where Anneke came in, is considered a classic. Amazing album. But on the follow-up Nighttime Birds, there's barely any metal, and after that, there's none at all - they adopt the mixture of alternative rock/progressive rock/trip hop you see on "You Learn About It", and it's equally amazing, you can't go wrong with anything from that period. Anneke left in 2007, unfortunately, but the two albums they released after that have their moments.
Just picked up a copy of the 5cd albums collection (starting with Mandylion). Thanks for the introduction to them, enjoying the albums immensely, Mandylion has a lot of the 80’s goth influences I liked so much (and still do!)