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•♡❤♡• PJ00s 31: Hidden Gems •♡❤♡• | "Should have been a single" | We have a winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. •♡♡•

    PJ00s 31
    Hidden Gems


    You know what we haven't had in PJ00s in a while? Something that I also happen to love doing as a host - a relaxed round. But this won't quite be just a relaxed round - the focus of this round will be on less commercially successful/well known songs, or hidden gems if you will. So in a sense it's more relaxed than usual (you can submit songs with up to 31 pages of discussion), but in another it's actually more strict (no UK/US top 40 hits). Here are all the rules, the round's special rules are in bold:

    • must have been first released between 01.01.2000-12.31.2009
    • no UK top 40 hits
    • no US top 40 hits
    • no tracks from a US or UK top 10 album
    • no covers or prominent samples of famous songs
    • no relatively famous/chart-successful cover versions of your desired entry (if it's the original version) recorded by a different act
    • no songs (or covers of songs) that have competed in the Eurovision Song Contest (semi-finals or finals)
    • relatively unknown/underrated on Popjustice - so as a general benchmark, nothing from an artist with more than 31 pages of discussion on PJ (across all their artist threads)
    • no entry that has been previously entered in a previous round of PJ00s (list of past entries here), PJSC (see the wiki), or PJOPS (list of entries here; the '00s crossover round list can be found here). Additionally, no entry that has been previously vetoed in PJ00s (in general, these acts will most likely be vetoed again, unless the reason for the veto was that the song was previously entered in a different song contest).
    Songs that fail these criteria should be vetoed by the round host. Songs that pass these criteria should be PMed to the veto panel for their decisions, with at least a 2/3 majority vote required for a song to be be included in the contest.

    Repeat artists guideline:
    - the same act (in any form - solo, group, featured, etc.) cannot be entered for FOUR rounds since their last appearance (i.e., a non-winning round 8 act can be reentered no sooner than round 13, and in round 9, non-winning acts from rounds 1-4 are generally eligible again)
    - for the winner of each round, that artist cannot be entered again (in any form - solo, group, featured) for the subsequent TEN rounds
    - if the same artist wins TWO rounds of PJ00s in any form (solo artist, group, feature, etc.), that artist is no longer eligible for future PJ00s rounds

    So feel free to take this is a chance to enter a song that would usually get vetoed in PJ00s. Just keep those #21-#40 moderate hits for next round.

    Side Theme

    To go with the hidden gems theme, submit your favourite 00s album track by any artist, and feel free to provide commentary for it too. One album track will be highlighted in the thread each day, and they'll all be compiled into a "best album tracks of the 00s" playlist. These songs won't be rated or be part of a side round, so feel free to go with your heart and really pick your ultimate favourite, without having to worry whether it would do well or not.



    November 8 - November 15

    November 16 - December 7

    December 8

    PM your entry and side theme song to @soratami and @Music Is Death

  2. Final Leaderboard


    #1: Ricki-Lee - Hear No, See No, Speak No // livefrommelbs = 137
    #2: No Angels - Still In Love With You // iheartpoptarts = 129
    #3: Liz Phair - Extraordinary // Hurricane Drunk = 122

    #4: Da Buzz - Wonder Where You Are // If You Go = 107
    #5: Helena Paparizou - The Light In Our Soul // KamikazeHeart = 101
    #6: Deborah Cox - Absolutely Not (Chanel Mix Edit) // londonrain = 92
    #6: The Cardigans - Don't Blame Your Daughter (Diamonds) // ohnoitsnathan = 92
    #8: Queensberry - Too Young // Filippa = 88
    #9: KARA - Mr. // Empty Shoebox = 87
    #10: Eric Saade - Sleepless // Untouchable Ace = 79

    #11: Vanessa Amorosi - Hazardous // Robsolete = 77
    #12: Tina Arena - Italian Love Song // berserkboi = 75
    #13: Emíliana Torrini - Big Jumps // Fuchsia = 67
    #14: Frank - Silence // Tiger Suit = 64
    #14: Bosson - One In A Million (Remix) // Hudweiser = 64
    #16: Maria Mena - Our Battles // Sprockrooster = 63
    #17: Bertine Zetlitz - Ashamed // soratami = 62
    #18: CeCe Winans - Say A Prayer // Doodvid = 61
    #19: Justice - DVNO // DominoDancing = 57
    #20: Raffish - Plaything // WoW73 = 54
    #20: Sonja Aldén - Etymon // Eric = 54

    #22: Carolina Marquez - The Killer's Song // saviodxl = 49
    #23: Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating // DJHazey = 48
    #23: Noisettes - The Count Of Monte Christo // Maki = 48
    #25: Alexz Johnson - Weight // Jeffo = 47
    #26: Anjulie - I Want The World To Know // cleosnatchra = 46
    #26: Amadou & Mariam - Sabali // klow = 46
    #28: BBMak - Ghost Of You & Me // pop3blow2 = 45
    #28: Elisa - Come Speak To Me // CaliDevotion = 45
    #28: Hitomi Shimatami - ~Mermaid~ // vague = 45

    #31: Belanova - Rosa Pastel // Oleander = 42
    #32: Cobra Starship - The City Is At War // citoig = 39
    #33: Juliette - Unstoppable // Island = 34
    #34: Mahinārangi Tocker - When I Grow Up // Phonetics Girl = 32
    #34: Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Frank Sinatra 2001 // OspreyQueen = 32
    #36: Sutton Foster - Show Off // TéléDex = 31
    #37: Raven-Symoné - Backflip // Music Is Death = 30
    #38: Pamela - Pame Ela // daninternational = 29
    #39: Fame - All In The Game // WowWowWowWow = 21
    #40: Maia Hirasawa - Mattis & Maia // BeingNormal = 20

    #41: Red Blooded Women - You Made Your Bed // Filler = 16
    #42: Mélanie Pain - Pêut-etre pas // EscapismIsAnotherPrison = 13
    #43: Sophe Lux - Lou Salome // Cotton Park = 3

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  3. Album Tracks


    Brandy - Come A Little Closer @londonrain
    Kylie Minogue - Love Affair @WoW73
    Björk - Unison (Live) @TéléDex
    Kelly Clarkson - Don't Let Me Stop You @livefrommelbs
    Agnes - Open Up Your Eyes @Empty Shoebox
    Sinnéad O'Connor - Daddy I'm Fine @Filippa
    Lady Gaga - Paper Gangsta @Eric
    Pixie Lott - Here We Go Again @saviodxl
    Delta Goodrem - Last Night On Earth @Robsolete
    Britney Spears - When I Found You @Doodvid
    Robyn - Bum Like You @Cotton Park
    Miley Cyrus - Right Here @Music Is Death
    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - If You Go @If You Go
    Kylie Minogue - Fever @berserkboi
    Anastacia - Time @Sprockrooster
    Mandy Moore - The Whole of the Moon @pop3blow2
    Tori Amos - Gold Dust @ohnoitisnathan
    Vanessa Carlton - Who's To Say @DJHazey
    P!nk - Boring @Hudweiser
    All Saints - Dreams @Island
    Kylie Minogue - Disco Down @Hurricane Drunk
    Teedra Moses - Caught Up @klow
    Sugababes - Every Heart Broken @Phonetics Girl
    Garbage - Parade @Fuchsia
    Christina Aguilera - Get Mine, Get Yours @CaliDevotion
    P!nk - Oh My God (feat. Peaches) @citoig
    Kylie Minogue - Stars @OspreyQueen
    The Cure - Going Nowhere @DominoDancing
    Dannii Minogue - Love Fight @WowWowWowWow
    Sugababes - Blue @Tiger Suit
    Annie - Don't Stop @BeingNormal
    Gwen Stefani - Wonderful Life @soratami
    System Of A Down - Bounce @Filler
    Mariah Carey - I'm That Chick @vague
    Rihanna - Lemme Get That @cleosnatchra
    Christina Aguilera - Cruz @daninternational
    Florence + The Machine - Blinding @Oleander
    P!nk - I Got Money Now @Maki
    Amy Winehouse - Wake Up Alone @KamikazeHeart
    William Orbit - Spiral (feat. Kenna & Sugababes) @Untouchable Ace

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  4. You can post now!

    And thank you to @berserkboi and @DJHazey for giving me the idea for this round! Also thank you to @Music Is Death and @Doodvid for suggesting other cool theme ideas that didn't get used this time around but hopefully will soon.
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  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Do we have to pick an album track that hasn't already been picked, or can multiple people choose the same one?
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  6. Well, if someone picks an album track that's already been picked, I'd rather they choose something else, so we can highlight more album tracks through the round. But we can note what that person's #1 choice was too.
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  7. Woohoo at my Album Track idea making the Side Theme! Hopefully @londonrain hasn’t already taken it dddd
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  8. Don't forget to submit your favourite 00s album track (by any artist) along with your entry everyone! I'd appreciate it if you could provide commentary for your pick too, even if it's just a short sentence.
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  9. Album Track #1


    Brandy - Come A Little Closer
    Full Moon | 2002

    "The run of He Is/Come A Little Closer/Love Wouldn't Count Me Out towards the end of Full Moon is absolutely gorgeous, with the songs all perfectly seguing into each other, but Come A Little Closer is the highlight for me. That key change... I can hear God.gif."

    Last edited: Nov 8, 2020
  10. I'm a mess who just woke up when its almost 4 pm here dddd.

    Anyway, so excited to be co-hosting with @soratami! First time I've had the opportunity to host a song contest.
  11. Everyone's album track picks will be added to the playlist

    For now it's just Brandy but feel free to throw the good sis some streams dd
  12. A glorious listen on a Monday morning! Thanks London!!
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  13. nn I'm sorry I went ahead and opened the thread by myself, but it was starting to get a bit late.
  14. It's fine dddd. I almsot woke up at 11:30, but when I laid back down I passed out again nn.
  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Well, since @Holly Something isn’t here to stan her, somebody had to...
  16. It's okay, I'm the one that made a fool of themselves. Not you.

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  17. I always struggle with finding songs that fit in relaxed rounds - but I’ve submitted something regardless. Watch me see the revealed song list and realise I could have sent 1 million other tracks!

    (the album track though? Instant. No contest there!)
  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Me realising Monica is within the page limit:


    Me realising all her noughties albums are ineligible anyway since they were all US top ten smashes:

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