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PJ00s 36: Hensonia (Results begin on p. 9)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Apr 25, 2021.

  1. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    In my case I’m just looking at the Spotify links. I haven’t checked the YouTube ones.
  2. Yes, same for my post. Just had a look at the spotify playlist so far.

    Edit: Just checked. All the youtube videos work from Germany.
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  3. A quick shout out and thanks to our dedicated veto panellists this round: @berserkboi @iheartpoptarts and @Robsolete
    Seeing what get researched, all there in one spreadsheet, kinda blew my mind!
  4. Both team PJChill/Adult Contemporary and team Bubblegum pop delivered this round! I have 25 songs in my shortlist after my first listen-through.
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  5. Hearing that one song, memories of which my mind repressed until now
  6. Gonna have to actually vote early (for maybe the first time ever for a contest nn) cause I have a trip the last week of the contest and will probably be to busy to do this dddd.
  7. Morning by Ruby Amanfu is blocked for me on every platform I've tried (youtube, soundcloud and spotify) - does anyone have an alternative way of hearing it?
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  8. It was for me, I used VPN to be able to listen.
  9. Dumb question from a dumb person - if we had a Watch2gether/plug.dj/whatever is used nowadays, I can access all the songs - if I played them, would everyone be able to hear them regardless of restrictions?
  10. Ok, I'm pretty sure more people will have this issue, so I downloaded the song in mp3 in one of those "download from youtube" websites. You can access the file here on my google drive. I'll keep the file until the round is over.

    Not even my song! You owe me one Ruby's submitter!
  12. So it's pretty much a given No Authority are getting @soratami's 12, right? Dddd
  13. So it turns out I already knew the Fast Food Rockers song from a CD someone made me years ago. They'd put the act down as 'FFR' (along with the slightly better I'm Not Gonna Tell You Again), which I always thought was either a European act or one of those projects that record the stuff that goes on Almighty's Let's Hear it for the Boys Vol. MCMXVII.
  14. I recognize several artists from the song list (one of them is even on my potential submissions list with a different song), and surprisingly I'm already familiar with two of these songs but can't recall how they go, so definitely re-listening to them.

    Here's the YouTube playlist! I would've made it anyways.
    Obviously, I had to replace a few links that weren't available in my country (I think three of them), and also had to exclude Ruby Amanfu due to the unavailability, but thankfully savior @saviodxl provided audio for it.
  15. Unfortunately not, restrictions are the same whether you try watching through YouTube or watch2gether. Each video will only play for people in countries where it isn't restricted.
  16. I don't think I've ever heard of that song/artist, and I haven't listened to this round's playlist yet, and now I'm not sure whether I should be looking forward to it or scared ddd
  17. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Oh, when you hear that song you’ll know.
  18. I thought it was DuJour getting rolled out again.
  19. Probably sending my votes tonight, I have 12 songs and torn deciding which 2 will not get points.

    Without my cookies I'm just a monster!

    Thinking about changing my username to saviordxl
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