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PJ00s 39 - Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Hurricane Drunk, Aug 21, 2021.

  1. Latest timezone, so there's approximately 41 hours left to vote
  2. @Maki can breathe again
  3. [​IMG]

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  5. Oh. I had no idea this was now and somehow I missed previous tags. I will work on it now.
  6. I've had it ready for days.
    I didn't send it until just now.
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  7. Nice to see that I'm not among the last 5 voters for once.

    This is a really good round, my top 10 is very strong and I had three or four potential 12's that made some of the choices hard. Still, I didn't have to think too much about which entries should miss on the top 10. And the last song that was cut from receiving points was chosen based on originality.
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  8. Who Sent What:

    Afro-Dite - Since Your Love Has Gone // Island
    Antigone - More Man Than Man // klow
    B2Krazy - Dream About You // Jeffo
    Beverlei Brown - Somebody Knows How You Feel // 2014
    Brie Larson - Life After You // VivaForever
    Cat5 - Sexy // soratami
    Chemistry - Life Goes On ~ Side K // berserkboi
    Cherish - Like A Drum // londonrain
    Dangerous Muse - The Rejection // rawkey
    Elin Lanto - Speak 'n Spell // Hurricane Drunk
    Emilia - Sorry I'm In Love // iheartpoptarts
    Gigi D'Agostino - Silence // Filippa
    Hanako Oku - Garnet // OspreyQueen
    Heather Headley - I Wish I Wasn't // Robsolete
    Helen Love - Junk Shop Discotheque // pop3blow2
    i5 - Scream Shout // Maki
    Kabah - La Vida Que Va // saviodxl
    Lauren Hildebrandt - Burnin Out // Doodvid
    Lovers Electric - Could This Be? // Untouchable Ace
    Mica Paris - Baby Come Back Now // Sprockrooster
    Mirwais - Naïve Song // Filler
    Missing Hours - Machine // livefrommelbs
    Paul Kelly - If I Could Start Today Again // ohnoitisnathan
    Poe - Amazed // Phonetics Girl
    Sevendust - Xmas Day // DJHazey
    Sleepthief featuring Kyoko Baertsoen - Just Say It // If You Go
    Stephen Simmonds - Where Is My Love? // Zar-Unity
    Teddybears Sthlm - Yours To Keep (ft. Paola) (Single Version) // BeingNormal
    Thalía - A Quién Le Importa? (Club Vocal Mix) // Oleander
    The Click Five - Addicted To Me // Conan
    Veronica Maggio - Dumpa mig // Disco Blister
    Way Out West - Mindcircus (feat. Tricia Lee Kelshall) // Tiger Suit
    X-Quisite - No Regrets // slaybellz
    XYP - Body To Body // Wow73

    Results will begin in 6 hours!
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  9. The entries entry I guessed correctly:
    Yep, I only managed to guess this one thanks to @londonrain's stanning the group and mentioning this as one of his favourite songs. Turns out, "Like a Drum" was my second option "Love Sick" when I sent Cherish, so interested to see how they will do this time.

    Some choices, such as the ones by @DJHazey, @Filler and @Tiger Suit make total sense, I just wasn't completely sure who sent them.

    I predict the winner will be either @klow or @Hurricane Drunk (again), but you never know here.
    And if Poe wins again, I'll riot.

    My entry for this round is relatively unconventional compared to most of my entries, I'll talk about it later.
  10. I'm too sexy for my jeans

    I have to take them off

    Before you put your hands on my ass

  11. Yes Sevendust is a prelude to my Nu Metal rate happening October 11. XMas Day happens to be one of my alltime favorite songs with lyrics that are so strong and mean a ton to me personally, a rush of a chorus meant to grab anyone immediately, and Lajon's vocals off the charts as always. He has one of smoothest voices in metal and I hoped that would give the band a chance in a pop contest.
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. @WoW73 stop stealing entries from my potential list. Do that challenge ddd.

    I definitely want to echo the sentiment that this was one of the strongest rounds ever.
  15. "The Fame" by Lady Gaga <3
  16. So yes, this was a bit misleading.

    Not sure @Untouchable Ace even knows Chemistry but if he did - it is totally plausible he’d have sent them here! Hopefully some points are coming from both him and @iheartpoptarts regardless!

    Life Goes On is the theme song of Anime Antique Bakery, a beautiful slice of life show that features a gay male character who wasn’t a total caricature (my first experience of such when I was really consciously getting into the genre)

    Side K is the dance version of the song, which served as the intro. Side D is the slow version, which was the ending and would have been more @londonrain bait:

    Chemistry wise - they are one of the most successful boy bands ever in Japan, and this was the first single they released that they wrote themselves!

    Me - feeling pretty good about no one guessing this is my entry

    Chemistry (for no good reason whatsoever) ends every chorus with - Susumu Yo! Life Goes On!


    Ddd (accidentally revealing this is probably Berserky ddd)
  17. So, I sent i5 (shortened for International Five), a girl group that didn't last longer than one year and one album, and this is their third appearance in PJ00s. There's not much of a backstory here, I stumbled upon "Scream Shout" randomly a year or two ago and it like a good clone of "Spice Up Your Life", which is one of Spice Girls' very best songs, so I instantly loved it.

    "First Kiss", sent in PJ00s round 8 (I hadn't joined the contest yet) is such a lovely and cute song:

    They also covered a hit by PJ contest veterans S.O.A.P:

    I should check their album out.
  18. *gasps in Swedish*
  19. Nearly forgot about this:
    Love this spotlight, I had to keep it quiet. And, yes, I had to google what pagers are while listening to the song for the first time.

    I hope at least some of you enjoyed the bop and it won't do too badly.
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