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PJ00s 42: (There's Gotta Be) More To Life: winner announced!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, Dec 14, 2021.

  1. Thanks to the voters, especially the 12s @Tiger Suit @rawkey (2nd 12 in a row!) @saviodxl @If You Go & @Filler.

    Evidently not as @DJHazey did not to even HM a song inspired by and sent for him.

    You said the same thing when I sent Miami Horror in round 15.

    And it turns out that's exactly the song that @klow's entry was reminiscent of.
    Not exactly, but noone else twigged or remembered it.

    It was an improvement of sorts as when I sent them they also achieved 70 points but placed at 12th.

    Thanks for matching me with the Sarah tribute @londonrain.
    The theme was not something I wanted to do.

    Very well done to the podium, in which I voted for all songs.
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  3. When I let myself into it, this is transcendent for me. A warm sunbeam on a cold day. For the rest of you... it's middling on enough ballots to get nearly halfway up the leaderboard, which I probably shouldn't celebrate only a couple of rounds out from my win, but this is still a well-above-par performance by normal Filler standards, so thank you.

    In my own votes, I remain Filler King of Flops – didn't vote for anything in the top 10, and 8 of the songs I did vote for are in the bottom half of the leaderboard. Was tough picking a 12 between Marina Gasolina and the frolickingly lovely Swing, though I felt a moral duty to support what turned out to be @livefrommelbs' brief doomed foray into baile funk. I'm not sure I made the right choice – horrifying to see you waltzphobes let Zero 7 fall dowwwowwwwowowowown into the bottom 10.

    'Bad to Di Bone' by Puakenikeni hitmakers Brick & Lace is actually a strike off my own potentials list, so I'm a bit relieved it didn't live up to the expectations a couple of you had of it winning, because that might have been my win when I got round to it in, like... 2027.
  4. You did it! Congratulations on your quadruple crown @Doodvid! I know how much you wanted a gold in 00s and there it is….

    thanks to our host @londonrain and of course to everyone that voted for Zazie, merci beaucoup
  5. Congrats @Doodvid and thanks for excellent hosting @londonrain it’s crazy you didn’t have to arrange things more to have such a dramatic reveal! xoxo
  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    4th is my best here for ages - thanks for all the votes for Tymes 4, and impeccable hosting as per @londonrain. Congrats to @Doodvid too!!
  7. What an end to my song contest year. Back-to-back wins (Retro & here) when I had really slumped recently - poor Boom! So glad this song connected with the crowd - it reminded me of a lost Steps or Pop! track and I was feeling that way inclined this round. It even sounds great in its original non-English form:

    Thanks to the following for their impeccable taste:

    12 @Hudweiser @Ezz @DJHazey @Maki @WowWowWowWow @londonrain
    10 @2014 @WoW73
    8 @Untouchable Ace
    7 @VivaForever
    5 @Filippa
    4 @citoig
    3 @klow
    1 @ComeOnGloria @Attis @rawkey @Island @iheartpoptarts

    My little write-up of 2021 kinda suggested I only participate in this to win. Well…that’s not necessarily true although we all love to succeed I guess *paints_nails_emoji* More for me, I wanted to have had the opportunity to host an edition of each of the ‘Big 4’ (PJSC, PJ Retro, PJ00s and PJXtra) and now the pressure’s off, I really can stop worrying about sending amazing entries and really go to town with the questionable crap I actually wanted to inflict on everyone! *waves at Loose Chippins’ shouting “WE DID IT GIRLIES!”*

    Thanks to @londonrain for hosting and for what turned out to be a timely and much-needed theme. I certainly know which “NPC”s sigh I prefer hanging with.
  8. Congratulations @Doodvid, "Universe of Love" was the one song I didn't already know that I had to add this month. Well deserved!
  9. Should I change my user name to NPC73?
  10. let's see...

    hurricane npc
    untouchable npc
    npc blister
    npc dancing
  11. I am so glad this corner of the forum doesn’t have that same shitty high school mentality that tarnishes other parts! Imagine going through life as a bullied people and continuing to perpetuate this online... The lack of self awareness - pathétique!
  12. The CDC pretending they've nerfed covid:
  13. Congrats @Doodvid ! Thanks for the great hosting (& numerology themes!) @londonrain

    Also, for at least a handful of voters... 'the Shins will change your life.'

    One of my friends hated Garden State with an unnatural passion. ddd. Whenever I would play the Shins at work I would look at them & say 'this song will change your life'. The quiet rage I could feel as they plotted my death was palatable. Haha!

    Thanks to:

    12: @Attis
    7: @Jeffo
    5: @Filler
    4: @rawkey
    2: @Untouchable Ace
    1: @Filippa

    HM: @soratami , @DJHazey

    6 songs I voted for made the top 10 & The Shins did way better than I thought they would, so all-in-all this was a great round for me.
  14. Me totally reading this as NCP and thinking you were all talking about a parking garage.

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  15. I'll take not being on this list as confirmation I'm a main character

  16. Well, you ARE on every veto panel, so...
  17. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    If anyone's entitled to have main character syndrome on this subforum I think the veto panelists for the song contests definitely qualify dddd.

    Seriously, though, the way in which certain people exposed their main character syndrome completely unprovoked was genuinely hilarious. If you give some people enough rope...
  18. Thanks for hosting @londonrain and congrats @Doodvid!

    If Ma Philosophie hadn't been one of those songs I had subconsciously labelled as a hit, I would have entered it sooooo fast! Great choice, @berserkboi! It made my dentist appointment, when I heard it in the waiting room!

    Pleasantly surprised with Amy Farris' performance, big thanks to those who gave her points!
  19. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Also, I promise I will update the stats and get you all the end-of-year PJ00s stats for 2021, but I fell ill yesterday and have just had confirmation this evening that it's COVID... and yes, before you ask, that does mean I was fighting fires in Random Thoughts and posting PJ00s results while feeling like death warmed up because Miss Rona had decided to start trying to turn my brain to mush. I'll update the stats when I can, but feel free to speculate about what they might end up looking like.
  20. Yeah, I know, I submitted a pretty likable but mediocre song but thanks so much to @saviodxl, @WowWowWowWow (I loved your side-theme comments, too), @iheartpoptarts (a 10!), @Doodvid, @unnameable, and @londonrain for slinging it some points. Okay so maybe it was just a little bit mediocre.

    Laughing again.

    Thank you again, @londonrain, for the hosting and I enjoyed the side-theme commentary. I could say so much more. Oh, this also made me laugh:

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Congratulations, @Doodvid for your well-deserved victory. Looking forward to the next round!

    Oh, and thanks to @rawkey for the One eskimO.
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