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PJ00s 47: Put a Donk on It! Results on page 23!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ezz, Jun 21, 2022.

  1. Ezz


    Regarding I Wanna Be Your Dog - it has been passed for the main contest, on the basis it didn't hit the UK/US charts, the original artist isn't famous on the forum and therefore the song wouldn't be given an unfair advantage in the competition. A comparison could be made to when I submitted the Eurotrance cover of Oliver's 'Who Will Buy', which although famous in popular culture, less so on the forum and musicals definitely don't give an advantage.

    As for Amiel, thanks for pointing out, much appreciated! Link amended...
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  2. I'm currently listening to @Filler's entry.
  3. The bonus round is mostly good/great, but I'd love to know why, being able to enter literally any cover released in the 00s, a couple of people picked the ones they did

  4. If you're referring to the one I forced myself to listen to again, and refamiliarise myself with - I might just 12 it for how terrible it is ddd
  5. I see one entry other than my own that was also on my potential submissions shortlist (and not one of the ones I thought anyone else would have their eye on) so can confirm there are at least two Spiritual Filler Entries here.
  6. Ezz


    Can't wait for the commentary!
  7. Ah yes, I'm now listening to your other entry.
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  8. My song is so circling the drain this round.
  9. There is one artist here (main round) among a few other special guests that I thought
    I already knew the whole story on and passed on earlier but according to their song
    and cool video entered here, they are a star now that deserves my full attention!

    Wow submittor what have you done to my pop ears? That felt too good to soak in!
  10. Ezz


    Thanks to everyone who's sent in early ballots for the side theme, and even a couple of early main theme ballots. Back from holiday tomorrow so will be able to share a few more tracks that couldn't make it to the side theme!
  11. [​IMG]
    @ myself for not sending these since samples were allowed!

  12. I was expecting @livefrommelbs to send this.
  13. Barely anyone knows/realises it is a cover (and how true to the original it is) ddd
  14. And here I was thinking that "Under the Influence of Love" is the only cover on "Light Years" album...
  15. The @Island and my Late 90s Dance Divas rate tried to tell you!
  16. Completely forgot it was a cover!
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  17. I almost sent this,. but thought that would be too obviously 'me'

  19. Ezz


    One of our early entries that fell into the 'remix' category rather than 'cover / sample' - it is still a classic!

    On the subject of the side theme: I think I'm caught up with the early ballots for this. If I haven't replied to say your entry is in the spreadsheets, please can you drop me a PM?

    I also have three main ballots, which I plan to start entering tomorrow or Friday. Exciting!
  20. Does Dreams really count as a cover when it's by the original song's singer?
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