PJ00s 5: Choose Your Own (Mis)adventure :: @berserkboi wins. Everyone else dies.

I hadn’t realised there was a casting call for Josh Peck and David Henrie lookalikes.
One of these great songs could have totally been a Sugababes track, or a solo song written for Keisha.

Pretty good round, but there was some really left field, weird ass stuff too. Including a few videos that kinda creeped me out. But it's all good. I'm your loyal best friend.

My song this round may very likely be receiving very poor support but that's okay, I'm gonna really rock it next round!

Does not necessarily indicate a rock pop song.
Finally taking a deep dive into the list tonight, so thankful to have this bit of business to attend to on a Saturday night! I've missed rating sawngz even if I have yet to find my jam.
I thought Jennifer Love was enough of a household name from the list but Macy Alexander Forrester is there too!!! Who is a B&B fan here??
Actually managed to finish this list and vote - I could not believe it!! It was tough trying to juggle being patriotic and awarding points fairly as there were a few stand out tracks + a couple of 10s that walked away with no points I am sorry to say...