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PJ00s 5: Choose Your Own (Mis)adventure :: @berserkboi wins. Everyone else dies.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Hudweiser, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Wait... so, as a killer, if don't vote I could save both myself and other people. This round's moral implications are too much.
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  2. You won't be saving yourself - I can forsee all the inanimate objects falling on you from the roof of a very high ceiling as the @Hudweiser way, and that's the least it could be!
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  3. It's difficult to quantify as some residents aren't 'alive' in the first place, and others are 'undead', but by my last count only 4 were still in play.

    And people saying they always vote for other people... Not this season. Hearts will bleed. As well as necks, eye sockets, ears...
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  4. ...I should point out non-voters will default go the way of their character in whatever B-movie I plucked them from, or Mr Death / @berserkboi will be conjured up to drop a piano on them.

    And if you give votes to a Final Girl who is already dead, they're halved on account of them, y'know, not being there to help you other than 'in spirit'.

    Correct - it's all geared to work against you.
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  5. It wouldn't be a slasher film if people survived, would it?
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  6. Can I drop a piano on people who don't vote for me anyway?
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  7. The shoebox of wisdom.
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  8. They may be few and far apart, but I have my moments.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I want to be this cat.
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  11. Aren't we all this cat?
  12. Depends if it's experiencing wonder at the sensation of the tooth brush or sheer horror at the oral invasion.
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  13. Is Jason slaughtering your spreadsheet for you?
  14. That reminds me, need to finish my first listen this week so I can get a second listen and song sorting before the deadline.
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  15. Wait so does that mean that anyone who manages to survive their voting will be in a final standoff from which only one makes it out alive?!?
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  16. If that....
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  17. I don't think @Hudweiser needs any more diabolical ideas...
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  18. It depends who is left and from what cliques; two killers might want to duke it out for prominence, but two regular campers might just get the fuck outta there.

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  19. Me trying to survive.

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